Friday, January 11, 2008

Orthodox church desecrated near Preševo, Serbia

10 January 2008 | 18:06 | Source: Beta

PREŠEVO -- A Serbian Orthodox church near Preševo, in southern Serbia, has been desecrated, a SPC statement says.

The church, dedicated to St. George, has been broken into, the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) reported on its website, pinning the blame on ethnic Albanians in the region.

"Albanian terrorists have committed a grave crime against the Serb people and our spiritual and cultural heritage on the most joyous of Christian holidays, Christmas, by desecrating the church in Oraovica," the SPC said.

It remains unclear whether the case was reported to the police. The unknown vandals have broken into the church to desecrate it, having previously ripped out the cross from the temple's roof.

The SPC also said that "after 1996 and the expulsion of Serbs from Oraovica, Albanian extremists desecrated a Serb cemetery in the village."

Oraovica's 3,800 residents are all ethnic Albanians. The village is located two kilometers north of Preševo. The region borders with the administrative line with Kosovo.

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