Monday, January 21, 2008

Serbia Tries Wahhabis For Attempted US Embassy Bombing

Both AKI and Serbianna have been covering the trials of Wahhabis in Southern Serbia who were trying to bomb the US Embassy in Belgrade and assassinate another Serb Muslim cleric.

Must say, these Wahhabis have been putting on a real show in court!

Between calling George Bush "the father of all terrorists", "blaming Jews for 9/11" and "asking Allah to damn America", I can only imagine that ordinary Americans are having a tough time keeping a scorecard on who is supposed to be America's "friends" and "enemies" in the region. Well, here's a hint:

1. Back in 1989, there was something called "the Golden List" of donors that fledgling al Qaeda drew up, which would not be discovered until 2001 -- in Sarajevo. If you are counting the years, 1989 is two years before the Islamic fundamentalist leader of Bosnia Alija Izetbegovic pushed for Bosnian (Muslim) independence from Yugoslavia and two years before the Bosnian war ever began.

2. The US supported the Bosnian Muslims against the Christian Serbs and "looked the other way" (wink, wink) while Bosnia issued Osama bin Laden a passport and imported mujahadeen from our supposed "friends" in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. (Saudi Arabia is 2,000 miles from Bosnia and the arrival of these mujahadeen in Bosnia was the first incursion of Wahhabist Islam into the Balkans.)

3. The US ignored the Muslim crimes against the Serbs, and focused solely on the Serb's retaliatory crimes against Muslims.

4. While all protests by Serb-Americans and others who knew the real score in Bosnia were being ignored, ridiculed or labeled as "Serb propagandists" by the media and by the talking heads in Washington, Islamic jihadists -- including one of the 9/11 bombers (as documented in the 9/11 Report) --were cutting their murderous teeth slaughtering Christian Serbs in Bosnia. So what did the President Clinton do about these Wahhabists in Bosnia? In 1995, he used NATO to bomb the Serbs! Instead of helping fight the Islamic terrorists, Clinton actually helped the terrorists who would later be responsible for 9/11!

5. This same jihad against Serbs --which included torture, murder, and even the rape of Christian nuns-- was also quietly continuing in Kosovo by Albanian Muslims, as thousands of Serbs were forced out of Kosovo through the 1980's and 1990's . Finally, Serbia's President Milosevic decided that he had enough of Serbs & other minorities being forced out of Kosovo and Serbian police being killed by KLA terrorists, so he cracked down on the Albanian secessionists. So what did the US do to help combat this Islamic terrorism in the Balkans this time? We bombed the Serbs again!

6. 9/11, The Utah Gunman, Two of the Fort Dix Six, the London Bombing, The Madrid Bombing, the Bombing at the US Embassy in Greece and now this attempted bombing of the US Embassy in Belgrade -- all of these were facilitated by our supposed "Muslim friends from the Balkans".

7. Meanwhile, Serbia still keeps chugging along, trying to save itself from being overwhelmed by radical Islamists, while they cover our butt, too -- in spite of the fact we are still trying to steal Serbian land in Kosovo and give it to Albanian Islamists.

Go figure!

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Anonymous said...

First off, I would like to say that as a citizen of the United States, I fully support Serbia and it's goal to be free from Islamic terrorist that plague this great nation, however most of all I would like to apologize to the people of Serbia for being fooled and not knowing the history of Serbia and as a former member of the US armed forces, I'm ashamed of our involvment and what we did to the Serbs during the Clinton presidency and I'm ashamed of Bush supporting Kosovo being independent.
I know no words of apology will ever make up for what was done to the people of Serbia by my country, but with all my heary, I am sorry