Friday, January 11, 2008

Slovenia's Mouth is Moving, but with Germany's Voice

I must admit that it is kind of sad to watch Slovenia, once the most well-respected, socially and economically progressive of the former Yugoslav republics, turn into Germany's sock puppet. But you can't say that Slovenia's 6 month dictatorial presidency of the EU isn't showing it relishing that role -- perhaps a little too much.

First Slovenia starts by telling Portugal not even to think about having a referendum on the Lisbon Agreement -- a creepy little document, decided in the dark by the Euro elite.

And then, Slovenia inserts it little snout into the Kosovo issue, in today's NY Times, under the title "U.S. and Germany Plan to Recognize Kosovo Independence":

Janez Jansa said Slovenia’s size could prove an advantage. “The fact that our political work might be perceived as lesser than other E.U. member states could give us an advantage by giving us more room for maneuver,” Mr. Jansa said.

It should read: "Slovenian dignity is expendable. We can demand the outrageous in order to serve our German benefactor's plan of getting the maximum of its demands met""

However, this Slovenian subservience was not an unexpected turn, given that Slovenia owes Germany its "independence". Actually independence doesn't really seem an appropriate word given the circumstances -- more like Slovenia's perpetual boot-licking of Germany having been the price of being Schengen

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