Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Under the Media Microscope, They Find "a Stupid Serb"

As most of you know, if anyone in Serbia burps these days, the Western media is determined to twist it into "the release of a Serb biological weapon".

Bits of bad behavior that can be found in any significant ethnic population get special attention when the when the title "Serb" can be attached to it. And the whining little cowards with a keyboard who usually write this racist bull, try to hide behind the upside-down idea that they "are really fighting racism", rather than owning up to the bigots that they really are.

But once in a while in all this Western microscopic media scrutiny of Serbs, they run across a stone-cold Serb moron that even Serbs would agree deserves a kick in the head.

Well, we've got a real winner Serb idiot this time -- one whose name and fame for moron-status and bad taste deserve a special , "ARE YOU STUPID?" mention from SerbBlog. His name is Dusan Zabunovic and he owns the "Mr. President Hotel" in Belgrade, featuring -- of all things -- "The Hitler Suite!

The best and the worst of this story is, Zabunovic is not "a Nazi" or "a Nazi-sympathizer". He has said that he thinks that Hitler was an evil man and regards the Hitler painting in the suite as "similar to Hitler's likeness at Madame Tussaud's". He goes on to say that "Hitler's crimes should not be forgotten", hence the "Hitler Suite". Well if that's the case, it's a good idea gone all fantastically wrong, because the suite comes off as "a tribute to Hitler" to any person who wasn't soundly dropped on his head as a baby.

For the last 17 years, the media has tried to tie Serbs to "Nazism" with something tangible and they have always come up with nothing, other than their racist words and a skinhead or two in the whole country. It's because in fact, Serbs are the least racist group of people you will ever meet -- that's why Serbia has the largest refugee population (including Albanians, Croats & Muslims) in all of Europe. During WWII, Hitler's "Operation Punishment" (retribution for Serbian resistance to the German Nazis) nearly leveled all of Belgrade to the ground. And Serbs were the ONLY ethnic group in the former Yugoslavia that were consistently Anti-Nazi and pro-American -- even when it killed them. And it killed over a million of them.

But now -- while Kosovo hangs in the balance and the Albanians are trying to prove some false case that Serbia's current democratic government is "racist" and "aren't to be trusted", -- Mr. Zabunovic comes along with his stupid hotel suite and gives the hungry media wolves exactly what they are looking for with a tangible association of "Serbia" with "Hitler" for the headlines. And this "Hitler Suite" story has made the rounds of every news from ABC news to USA Today, once already.

Yet, is anyone going to notice that the "Hitler Suite""has riled the Serb locals" or the Hitler Suite is, as Zabunovic describes "most highly demanded by German, Croat and Slovenian guests"? Of course not. Croat teenagers can walk around with neo-Nazi garb hanging off them and export their hate-music worldwide, because they call this rabid neo-fascism "freedom" and the know-nothing press defends them. Is there a double-standard? Hell, yes! But that does not dismiss the level of disrespect that Mr. Zabunovich showed for the million plus Serbs, Jews and Gypsies slaughtered by Hitler's war machine, and what that means to the legacy of ALL their descendants.

Today, the (Jewish) Anti Defamation League publicly condemned Zabunovic and the "Hitler Suite" --as well they should. They are absolutely right.

It doesn't take "a law" to tell people that this kind of display is outrageously wrong and an insult to sanity -- it just takes the hotelier to have "a brain". And if that is absent, it takes enough people willing NOT to stay there to get any hotelier (stupid or not) to change his ways.

I have one and one question to ask Mr. Zabunovic: "Is making the German, Croat and Slovene Sieg Heil guests who chose the Hitler Suite feel comfortable, more important than honoring those who died defending your country against that monster?" (That should NOT be a tough question!)

Not every Serb is meant to be a Nikola Tesla or Michael Pupin, but will someone please call this guy's mommy and tell him that he needs to come home before he hurts himself -- and the rest of humanity?


Anonymous said...

Even though the room is highly sought out by former Nazis, Germans and Croats, it does not look appropriate that the victim of the Nazi, a Serb, profits from it.

Anonymous said...

Do you have aweb address for the hotel - can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

In deed. Why not a "ustasja room" as well? said...

Yes, the Serbs suffered horribly under the German Nazi's. Even putting aside the Ustase, Belgrade itself was nearly bombed to ground in "Operation Punishment".
And that's what makes this hotel such a bizarre paradox. What was this man thinking?

Sorry, I can't locate the hotel's email -- and I have tried. But there are so many stories on this hotel, I am sure that it is for real.

Gray Falcon said...

Much as I resent a Holocaust profiteer like Abe Foxman lecturing the Serbs on anything, especially after being an enabler for neo-Ustasha and mujahedin propaganda of "Serbs are Nazis" during the 1990s, this "Hitler Suite" is truly stupid. Just shows how low the Serbs have sunk - first we blame ourselves, then we glorify our enemies. Next thing you know, we'll be wiping ourselves off the face of the earth, so the Albanians, Croats, Docleans, Bosniaks, Voivodinians, Sandjakis and whichever new "nations" the "international community" comes up with don't feel too "offended" at our continued presence.

I'm a libertarian, so I believe people have an inalienable right to be racist, or stupid, so long as they don't initiate force. But by having a "Hitler Suite" on his property, this man is enabling aggressive action against the Serbian people as a whole. If it's accidental, he's a moron. If he's doing it on purpose, he's an accessory to crime, and ought to be treated accordingly.