Sunday, February 17, 2008

Albania, Saudi Arabia first to recognize Kosovo?

BRUSSELS, KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- Beta says an analysis shows Kosovo's unilateral declaration will first be recognized by some Islamic countries.

The news agency has had insight into the document, put together "by some EU countries", that says the province's independence declaration, rejected by Serbia, will be recognized in "three waves".

Albania, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and some other Muslim countries will lead the way, the report says.

This will be followed by Austria, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and, the document speculates, France, Great Britain, Germany and Italy.

The United States is also likely to recognize Kosovo very soon.

The "second wave" is said to include Croatia and Macedonia.

Others will be careful and wait to see how the situation develops, bearing in mind the precedent such recognition sets.

Russia, China, Cyprus, and a number of EU countries that were earlier reported as opposed to the recognition, that include Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia and Greece, will not recognize Kosovo.

The presence of the first two countries on that list also means that the province cannot count on a UN seat, or membership in a number of other international organizations where Russia has the veto power.

Bosnia-Herzegovina's recognition will be made impossible by the Republic of Srpska's objection, the study concluded, and added that countries such as India, Brazil and Argentina are also "very critical" toward the possibility of recognizing Kosovo as a separate country.

Meanwhile, Dušan Janjić, who heads the Forum for Ethnic Relations, said that "independence of Kosovo and Metohija, which the United Nations will not recognize, will have only political and psychological weight at first," while "only later will it become evident that it is not what the Kosovo Albanians had expected."

In a live broadcast by the Kosovska Mitrovica radio Kontakt Plus, Janjić said late Saturday that the self-proclaimed independence "will not bring full freedom, better life, while new passports will not enable them to travel everywhere."

"Around 40 countries will recognize them, which is fewer than the number of countries that recognize passports issued by UNMIK today. That will be the beginning of a dangerous phase, which is when the Albanians will realize that it is not what they had been promised for the past 20 years. That will open room for extremists," cautioned Janjić.


Anonymous said...

If I were a Serb I would oppose this illegal declaration of Kosovo's independence. Imagine the who's who of radical islamic countries such as Saudi, Pakistan etc jumping the line to recognize this soon to become Islamic republic of Kosovo. With a monthly income of $250 per citizen, it wont be long before petro dollars pour into this region and help radical madrasas and mosques sprouting up urging holy war against the west.

US created several messes all over the world, but this one mess will not be US problem, it will become EU problem. Opppose this independence.

Anonymous said...

Lets be realistic here, had albania not recognized them as a new state, they would have been in deeper doo-doo with them than they already are. The albanians of albania despise kosovar albanians and actually consider them a tribe of gypsies that they could not wait to get rid of!