Saturday, March 01, 2008

Has, the Official Website of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo, Been Shut Down?

As of this writing,, the official website of the Decani Monastery* of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo has been down for nearly two days & we are still trying to discover what's going on, how this happened and why this happened. Whether it is an accident, whether it has been shut down by either NATO or the Albanians, is anyone's guess.

Decani Monastery is in the Diocese of Raska & Prizren, which is the Diocese of Bishop Artemije, representative of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo, and an outspoken critic of Kosovo Independence. Bishop Artemije was in Washington DC several weeks ago, testifying before Congress and meeting with the press regarding Kosovo's status, prior to the Albanians' Kosovo's Independence declaration. has chronicled the trials and suffering of the Serbian Orthodox Church and its people in Kosovo for the last eight years in photos and in stories, and has been a prime independent source of information on the condition of Serbs in Kosovo. was the brainchild of Father Sava Janjic, dubbed during the 1999 NATO Bombing as "the Cybermonk", who reported directly from Kosovo on the events on the ground during the bombing. Father Sava's reports during the NATO Bombing, which at the time contradicted both the NATO propaganda and the mainstream media's bias, later proved to be the most accurate of any news source.

All I can say is that this problem with better be a verifiable " technical problem" and "accident". Because if either NATO or the Albanians have deliberately shut down in order to muzzle all opposition to Kosovo Independence and to hide the real conditions of Serbs in Kosovo, then we in the West will also know without a shadow of a doubt that they are cowards and liars, and are taking this outrageous action to prevent the world from knowing the truth!

*This is a correction to my previously report that was the official website of the entire Raska & Prizren Diocese in Kosovo, which is actually still online.


Gray Falcon said...

We already know they are cowards and liars.

But I do hope this is a technical issue that will get fixed soon. Otherwise, this fight just got a whole log uglier.

Marco1978 said...

As of Sunday 2 March at 3:45 pm Belgrade time still no solution has been found. I can't enter the website
As an Italian who loves the Serbs and has a Serb girlfriend, I would never have any doubt: once more, the Albanian hackers all over the place are trying to silence Serbs, just as NATO and the West asked...

Marco (from Rome, Italy)

JJ said...

Sunday afternoon, Mch 02, was online. Right now, night Sun/Mon it's off: 503 Error.
Last week there were cable defects which might be related. News about that in this bulletin: and at the end of this one:
Rgds - JJ

Anonymous said...

As reported on "my" blogsite earlier in the week..I can only get 4 day old stuff from here... but, friends in Beograd send me daily "fresh" KIM reports.... I did not get one this AM Sunday (3.2), many communications are being delayed and or simply not available from Americka to Serbia.


Damien said...

I have been visiting for years! I can't believe it has been down for days. There is not another site that compares to this one. Are there any updates..? I would hate to think it was taken down maliciously. I was on an Albanian site the other day where several people were posting that was being sold..? Is this true..?

Damien said...

By the way jj, I am an American and only understand English. The video you posted is in Serbian. Can you tell me what it is about..? said...


I am with you on that one, Damien. Believe it or not, my command of the Serbian language is easily exceeded by any 4 yr old Serb. I still have no clue as to what is happening either.

Damien said...

I wish there was something I could do to make a difference. I'm no expert on the region, but I am proud to know alot more than the average American (unfortunately, that's not saying much). Most people I am in contact with each day are completely ignorant of the situation in Kosovo, and only know what appears on the nightly news. I explain to them WWII, that Croatians and Bosnian/Albania Muslims killed hundreds of thousands of Serbs,Jews and Gypsies. They don't even know about the Ustashi.

Damien said...

I was able to browse this morning. Thank you all for the information, and links to some wonderful sites! I have been enjoying some of the beautiful music from Decani this morning on Youtube.

Blessings in Christ!
Damien said...

Blessings to you, Damien!

The connection to has been up and down & up & down again for the last five days. At this crucial time, when ordinary people are trying to discover what is really happening in Kosovo after the US Embassy burning, to have such a resource be unavailable seems to me to be just too timely to be "a coincidence". And we have still had no real explanation as to what is causing the problem.

Be well and keep Kosovo in your prayers, Damien!

JJ said...

By the way jj, I am an American and only understand English. The video you posted is in Serbian. Can you tell me what it is about..?

I don't understand the language very well either, but the reports are about cut communication lines, being repaired (oops!) by Nato military. No updates, unfortunately. Meanwhile I try to find out via a Belgrade friend what might have happened, but I fear for the worst.

Btw, nice to have a time stamp underneath the posts here, but a date would be welcome. :-)

Kindly - JJ

JJ said...

As reported on "my" blogsite earlier in the week..I can only get 4 day old stuff from here... but, friends in Beograd send me daily "fresh" KIM reports....

Would it possible to put me on the list for those reports, do you think? I'll be much obliged.
Thanks (hvala). :o)
JJ 080305

JJ said...

Smederevo, just checked out Lazar's. Very informative!
Here's (space-saving) mine:
Rgds - JJ

JJ said...

Anyway, is back (at least today, Mon 10-03 12:00 GMT).