Saturday, February 09, 2008

"Kosovo art show in Belgrade Cancelled" or "Serbs Refuse to Honor Serb-Killer Art"?

Two days ago, the story at the top of the "Serbia" headlines in the Western World, was an article about how "Serbia's hard-line nationalists broke up an art show by Kosovo Albanian artists in Belgrade". Reading the article uncritically, it sounded like a bunch of Serbian "nationalist thugs" just broke into this "innocent art show" to destroy something (or anything) "Kosovo Albanian" in their midst, forcing the "innocent art show" to close. But Svetlana Novko over at Byzantine Sacred Art dug a little deeper to get the real story, not the propaganda which ignored the facts:

"On the very same day the Yellows were scheduled to betray the country they are supposed to serve by signing a pact with the EU which would signify tacit consent to the loss of 15% of Serbian historic territory—province of Kosovo and Metohija—another steaming pile of humiliation was on the Serbia's menu in the evening: an art gallery in Belgrade was to ceremoniously open an exhibition featuring works by 11 Kosovo Albanian "artists", with the most prominent spot reserved for a photo titled "Face to Face" of a notorious Albanian UCK butcher Adem Jashari in KLA uniform and armed to his teeth.

Organized by the foreign-funded Youth Initiative for Human Rights established in 2003, which freely meddles in Serbia's elections and engages in fervent political lobbying on behalf of anti-Serbian institutions and organizations, the "exhibition" titled "Retreat" had been held in the town of Novi Sad in northern Serbia, where it was met with stormy reactions and disapproval, but was, nevertheless, sent on to be opened in the Serbian capital as well.

Even more insulting than the visual glorification of a monstrous Albanian Muslim terrorist who took scores of innocent lives before being killed by the Serbian police forces during the KLA/UCK armed insurgency in southern Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija, was the accompanying description of this particular "artwork" in the exhibition catalog:

"In his work 'Face to Face' [Malici] simulates the eclectic scale of the postmodern mausoleum, by placing in front of everyone the cult images of Elvis Presley stylized by Andy Warhol along with the images of Adem Jashari, the greatest hero and the victim of the Kosovo war of liberation" ... "Regarding the hero-liberator Adem Jashari the irony stems from the transformation of a prominent and tragic hero into a serialized, common icon for mass-consumption, just like some show business stars" [emphasis added].

As Zoran Grbic appropriately noted, this is an issue for a state prosecutor, rather than for art enthusiasts and the media"....

As the protesters pointed out, had the situation been reversed and it would have been a show of "Serb Art in Pristina honoring a Serb General of Kosovo", no one would have survived!

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