Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Separatist Movements Eyes are on Kosovo – Independence May Fuel Wars Worldwide

by Tony Dolz

Every nation has the right to defend its borders and the obligation to protect the people that it serves. ....

Muslim Albanian insurgents funded by Bin Laden, the same Bin Laden that funded the 911 act of terrorism against America, defied the sovereignty and authority of Serbia over its Kosovo Province. When the Serbian government used its political and military power to defend its territory, it was attacked viciously by the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in violation of its own charter.

Years later, America was attacked by Muslim terrorists funded by Bin Laden and it used this incident to wage war against Afghanistan and Iraq. Ironic?

At the same time U.S. federal elected representatives (The United States Congress) under the seductive and corrupting influence of corporate interests that employ cheap legal and illegal labor, has allowed 20 million aliens from Mexico to invade the United States (cheap labor).

Mexico has taught its school children for 160 years that the United States stole it southwestern states from Mexico and that Mexico will take them back one day. This is a dangerous situation similar to the demographic takeover of Kosovo by Albania. If Mexican insurgents attempt to take territory, will the United States use its political and military power to retain its states, like California? In light of its 78 day merciless bombing of Serbia for protecting its territory - that would be ironic also......NWS

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