Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bosnia arrests five Wahhabis for suspected terrorist activity

Sarajevo, 21 March: Five persons suspected of trafficking weapons, military equipment and planning acts of terrorism have been arrested in Sarajevo, the BiH [Bosnia-Hercegovina] Prosecution has confirmed for SRNA.

Acting on the Prosecution's orders, anti-terror officers from the BiH Federation MUP [Interior Ministry] searched four premises in Sarajevo and two in Bugojno, and arrested five people on suspicion that they were trafficking arms and military equipment, but there is also indication that they were planning acts of terrorism.

The Federation MUP has finished dealing with the suspects and today they are expected to be handed over to the BiH Prosecution for questioning. The Prosecution has 24 hours to decide on whether to remand them in custody.

According to unconfirmed information, all the suspects are Bosnian citizens and members of the Wahhabi radical Islamic movement.

Federation MUP spokesperson Robert Cvrtak has announced that a statement will be issued later on today on this highly risky operation.

The Prosecution and the MUP have declined to reveal the identity of the arrested persons with the explanation that the police action is not over yet.

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