Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Illinois Candidate Steve Greenberg's Racist Slandering Make Him Unfit for the US House of Representatives

Recently, Republican Steve Greenberg of Illinois running against incumbent moderate Democrat, Congresswoman Melissa Bean for the US House Seat in District Eight, crossed that line to where no American politician has a right to go --accusing an opponent of connections to "terrorism" just by virtue of their ethnic heritage and (Christian) religion.

I really do not know what Greenberg thought that he could accomplish with such a vicious and uncalled for attack on Congresswoman Bean. But if I weren't personally an American Republican supporter of Israel and my last name wasn't once "Goldfarb", I'd say that Greenberg was trying to call attention AWAY from the fact that he has no political experience; that he can't hide his Jewish last name; or the fact that his second largest campaign contributor is the Republican Jewish Coalition--something that would have otherwise been met with a big "so what?" among most voters, had not Greenberg attacked Melissa Bean in this way. Instead, Greenberg, using reverse discrimination, went on the attack citing Congresswoman Bean's maiden name (Luburic) and outing her as (Oh my God!) of "Christian Serb" ethnic heritage and then connected the dots in some weird backward-ass way to recent events overseas and Bean's position on the issue of Kosovo independence.

But how would Mr. Greenberg feel, if without evidence, I categorizing his benefactors, the RJC, as "a bunch of wild-eyed, right-wing Zionists, bent on sacrificing America to save Israel and Mr. Greenberg as their willing accomplice by taking money from them? Doesn't matter if it is or isn't true -- that is precisely the kind of calumny that Mr. Greenberg slapped onto to the Serb Unity Congress with no proof -- just to create an enemy that doesn't exist.

Steve Greenberg's cheap shot against Congresswoman Bean was so slipshod and vicious that he didn't even get the name of the organization right -- he called it the "Serbian Unity Conference" (no such organization even exists, although many pro-Albanian propaganda websites have also made that same name mistake), instead of correctly calling it the "Serbian Unity Congress". The Serb Unity Congress that Steve Greenberg condemns as "anti-American Serb fundamentalists", are anything but that!

Back in the 1980's, when the Serbian Unity Congress was being organized, it was a mom and pop ethnic heritage group just like hundreds of other ethnic heritage groups in the US. The SUC had no real US "political agenda", because Serbian Orthodox Christians in the US are raised to be politically "Americans first". Besides which, how could American Serbs have a crystal ball to know that the Balkans were going to eventually explode and the US was going to turn on Serbs -- their Allies in two World Wars? The formation of the SUC was just a way of preserving the Serb heritage in the diaspora. For God sakes, who in their right mind would name an organization with the acronym, "SUC" -- rhyming with "suck" -- if were going to be used for serious American PR propaganda purposes? It's nuts!

Unfortunately, in the 1990's, when the Balkans broke up, the SUC stood alone as the only group to which Serb Americans could rally round to try and counter the anti-Serb, racist propaganda that pervaded the news. ("Christian Serbs"were being characterized as "pigs" and "dogs" in political cartoons -- something that should sound familiar to Jews -- except that this was happening in America to Serbs, Mr. Greenberg! Did you expect all Serb Americans in the US to shut up and take it? )

Unlike the other ethnic groups in the Balkans -- Slovenes, Croats, Bosnians and Albanians -- who politically used America for their own purposes, the only thing that the SUC has ever advocated -- or that any American Serbs have advocated-- has been for the US to stay out of taking sides in Balkan politics, quit playing the ethnicities off of one another, and quit sacrificing America's honor and American lives to please Arab Islamic oil interests. (Those same "Arab oil interests" who also want to use Kosovo independence as a model for an independent Palestine --a fact that you might want to let your RJC benefactors in on, Mr. Greenberg!)

Melissa Bean's introduction of HR 445 (along with five other co-sponsors, three of whom were Republicans) was nothing more than asking the US Congress honor the terms of UN Resolution 1244, which the US and Serbia had already agreed to, and that both the Albanians and Serbs come up with a mutually agreed upon solution to the Kosovo issue -- in short, HR445, said that America was just going to honor its word and be fair. Wow, what a revolutionary idea!

Instead, Bush with his ham-fisted neo-conquistador hubris, decided to back Albanian Kosovo independence without Serbia's agreement and hack off a piece of Serbia, thereby dragging the US into violating the Helsinki Final Act and virtually every international law all the way back to the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia. Bush's decision on this was and is insane! Besides provoking Russia, recognizing an independent Kosovo has provided secessionists everywhere with a renewed excuse for violence to get what they want, which is why 100+ other nations (including Israel) haven't recognized Kosovo independence -- but Greenberg thinks that the eighteen countries who have are the only ones who count!

Also, Mr. Greenberg-- like President Bush-- apparently suffers from amnesia or else he would remember that Kosovo Albanian Muslims already "thanked America for saving them" by providing four members of the "Fort Dix Six" who tried to kill as many Americans as possible on American soil! What in the heck are we doing supporting these people?

The fact remains that had Mr. Bush followed Ms. Bean's course of action in HR 445, instead of sponsoring Kosovo's unilateral independence declaration, there would never have been "an attack on the US Embassy in Belgrade", by those who just saw a dear piece of their country ripped away from them by President Bush and America! Far from proving Ms Bean's position to be wrong, the resulting attack on our Embassy proved that Melissa Bean's approach to the Balkans was exactly right and President Bush was wrong!

Yet Bush's "international law-breaking" seems to be something that Mr. Greenberg advocates so vociferously that he feels any and all dissent (like Congresswoman Bean's) should be silenced, or else labeled "Serb fundamentalist"? If that's the case, then Mr. Greenberg will also need to shut up prominent Republican like John Bolton and Lawrence Eagleburger, who also thought that recognizing "Kosovo Independence" was a terrible idea! But maybe Bolton & Eagleburger are closet "anti-American Serb fundamentalists" too, Mr. Greenberg?

As an American, I say that Steve Greenberg ought to go back to playing hockey , where cheap shots like this one on Congresswoman Melissa Bean are a dime a dozen and sometimes tolerated. Politics may also be a "dirty game" but racist slander like this Greenberg attack on Melissa Bean are even beyond the pale for anyone considered for a position as responsible as the US House of Representatives. The fact is that Steve Greenberg is "way out of his league", even though he is afraid to admit it -- or maybe he just did, with this stupidity.

If Republicans can't do better than a sorry excuse of a candidate like Steve Greenberg for the US House, then they might as well throw in the towel in Illinois Eight District. Because no amount of sickeningly sweet, "Aren't I a pretty Republican white boy with my family?" photos on Greenberg's blog can take away the stink of this gutter-level attack on Representative Melissa Bean!


Aleksandra said...

Outstanding analysis. Greenberg really opened himself up with his diatribe against Congresswoman Bean. He has inadvertently succeeded in mobilizing support for her, and she will benefit from his attacks. Good. said...

This is not playing out well for Greenberg. I have not seen even one post supporting him in this.