Wednesday, March 19, 2008

JWR: Republican Jewish Coalition must pull its endorsement of Chicago Congressional candidate (Steve Greenberg)

By Julia Gorin

(Excerpt) Unbeknown to the Republican Jewish Coalition, which stands against jihad, terrorism and bigotry, a Chicago candidate for Congress, a Jewish Republican for whom they are the second-largest contributor is enabling jihad terror and alienating a group that has stood on the front lines against it while being its most brutalized victims in the Balkans.

Using the "Barack Hussein Obama" template, a news release from Chicago District 8 candidate Steve Greenberg recently referred to his Democratic opponent, incumbent U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean (D-IL), as "Melissa Luburich Bean," sneeringly stressing her Serbian maiden name. Comically, the release blasted Bean for not standing with the Bush/Clinton administration in supporting the illegal creation of the terrorism-won, threats-against-the-West achieved, narco-mafia state of Kosovo. He also criticized Bean's backing by pro-Serbian organizations (as opposed to the standard backing by the al-Qaeda-trained Kosovo Liberation Army that backs the rest of Congress via groups like the National Albanian American Council, top fundraiser to the campaign of future U.S. president John McCain).

Greenberg's Feb. 27th statement was titled "Melissa Bean places the interests of radical foreign nations above Freedom and Democracy," and read:

Serbian Caucus Co-Chair continues support for anti-American Serbian fundamentalists and is getting paid for it…Melissa Luburich Bean stands against Kosovo's freedom and independence. Last May Bean introduced H. Res. 445, which affirms Serbian control over Kosovo…Through her continued support of her resolution, Melissa Bean chooses to side with Serbian criminals who attacked America by breaking into and setting ablaze the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade last week while the Serbian government stood by and did nothing.

Bean's support for anti-American Serbian fundamentalists runs even deeper; she has taken over $24,000 from members of the Serbian Unity [Congress] which "strongly denounces Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence as well as America's subsequent recognition of it." Bean even sent a letter to President George W. Bush urging him to not recognize Kosovo as an independent nation.

Melissa Bean chose to side with oppression and anti-American fundamentalists, instead of freedom and independence…She must denounce the Serbian violence against Americans at our embassy. She must stand on the side of freedom and withdraw her sponsorship of controversial H. Res. 445 which does not support the American policy of recognition for Kosovo. Finally she should return all money sent to her by the Serbian Unity [Congress]."

The "controversial" Resolution 445 was co-sponsored by three Republican Congressmen including Dan Burton, who co-chairs the Serbian Caucus and who last year wrote in the Washington Times:

[O]ur policy is in contravention of international laws and will create a dangerous precedent. Also…[t]errorist and organized crime influences, already rampant in Kosovo, would be granted a consolidated haven for their operations. Independence would likely be followed by renewed anti-Serb attacks....Unrest in neighboring Albanian-dominated areas of southern Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, even Greece, could be reignited. [Hold your breath.]

What makes 445 "controversial" is that rather than a unilateral approach to please exclusively the side that has been threatening and using violence against international troops and administrators (which includes our National Guard) in the event that the West secures any less than all of Kosovo for it, the resolution takes a more balanced approach to settling the issue, one that asks the U.S. to honor the legally binding UN Res. 1244 that the U.S. agreed to in writing, and one that prudently considers the ramifications of another Muslim state within Europe's borders. It calls for "a mutually agreed upon solution for the future status of Kosovo" and rejects an imposed solution. That's what makes it so offensive to the majority of our lawmakers and, in this case, wannabe lawmakers.

By projecting words such as "radical", "foreign", "fundamentalist", "criminal" and "anti-American" onto the side he has no fear of because it has never threatened America, tough guy Greenberg is engaging in a 1999 replay of the way our leaders thumped their chests at a Christian straw man to appease the trigger-happy Albanian side in the conflict. It helps camouflage the American cowering that guides our Balkan policies, which we are imposing because our new Albanian masters are imposing it on us. He pretends to shudder at "Serbian fundamentalism" and thinks his constituents should as well, when in fact among Albanians, Bosnians, Croatians and Serbs, only Serbs have never perpetrated terrorism against Americans. If this is the future of the once hawkish Republican Party, then our future is the same as Serbia's present, and we can look forward to eventually saying good-bye to chunks of our own territory.

Anyone who doesn't want to see Kosovo turn into "a weak state susceptible to radical Islamist influence from outside the region, with the support from some Albanians," as John Bolton summed it up, or "a way station toward an anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Christian 'Eurabia…if allowed to consolidate," as James Jatras explained, would support 445. In short, anyone who opposes this Munich Pact redux, a surrender in which America shines the way, would support 445.

Yet the illegal detachment by rule of might-makes-right (ala the Elian Gonzales seizure without due process) "seems to be something that Mr. Greenberg advocates so vociferously that he feels any and all dissent…should be silenced, or else labeled 'Serb fundamentalist'", writes Melana Pejakovich of Serbblog, Rush Limbaugh's go-to source during the Fort Dix news. "If that's the case," she continues, "then Mr. Greenberg will also need to shut up prominent Republican[s] like John Bolton and Lawrence Eagleburger, who also thought that recognizing 'Kosovo independence' was a terrible idea! But maybe Bolton & Eagleburger are closet 'anti-American Serb fundamentalists' too, Mr. Greenberg?"

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