Friday, April 25, 2008

Ann Coulter: I Have No Opinion (on Kosovo)

by Julia Gorin


Penn State’s student newspaper The Daily Collegian reported on Ann Coulter’s hour-long speech there this month:

For possibly the first time in her career as a conservative commentator, Ann Coulter had nothing to say about a political issue.

“I have no opinion,” she told a student who asked her about Kosovo and Ukraine. “That may be the first time those words have passed my lips.”

During her hour-long speech to a crowd of more than a thousand last night in HUB Alumni Hall, though, Coulter spoke candidly about her opinions on a variety of controversial subjects ranging from the war in Iraq to global warming to terrorism.

The usual, in other words. The easy stuff. And on the easy, day-to-day stuff, every conservative loudmouth in the country has a strong and ready opinion. But on the fact that in the Kosovo giveaway of 2008 we’ve just repeated the Munich surrender of 1938 — nothing.

While Americans can’t be expected to have strong opinions on whether the Ukraine gets an invitation to NATO or not, the Kosovo question is a different story. So let me see if I have this non-opinion on Kosovo straight: The U.S. is aggressively creating another Muslim state in Europe, openly calling for a heightened Islamic presence on the continent, and Ann Coulter has no opinion.......Continued


Nick said...

Re your quote at the end of your article: I wish to God that Americans WEREN'T interested in other countries. Maybe then they might leave them alone - and so do us all a favour. said...

The fact is Nick, that our politicians will always be "interested in other countries" whether we are or not. The best thing we, as citizens, can do is arm ourselves with knowledge to protect ourselves from being propagandized when those politicians want to do something stupid & try snowing us on it.

Having said that, I completely agree that we should have never gotten ourselves involved in the Balkans. Every great power that has, has always ultimately fallen.