Monday, April 14, 2008

Conservative British MEP "Not Happy about Kosovo Independence"

Excerpt of EurActive Interview with Conservative MEP and foreign affairs committee member Geoffrey Van Orden:

How would you describe the situation in Serbia, which feels offended by the 'amputation' of part of its territory, and how could the EU help the reformists there?

I'm not happy personally about the outcome in Kosovo. I'm not sure that was the best we could come to and I think we should have tried harder to find a way to give Kosovo greater autonomy within Serbia. I'm not looking for ways to make relationships with Russia more difficult than they are. On the contrary, I want good relations with Russia and I think it's in Russia's strategic interest to have good relations with the West. I don't see a lot of point in just finding issues which are going to put Russia on a different side to ourselves, and this is one of them. And after all, we are not dealing with a Serbia ruled by Milosevic, we are dealing with a democratically elected government in Serbia, and it seems very strange, that now that we have a democratically elected government, that we kick them in the most sensitive place.

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