Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ex-Kosovo Minister & Staff Indicted for Witness Tampering in Haradinaj Trial

Hague prosecutors had complained that they couldn't get witnesses to testify in the Hague trial of Ramush Haradinaj, on charges of rape, murder and torture of Serbs and Roma. Several witnesses had been murdered and others intimidated out of testifying.
"The presiding judge admitted that the trial had taken place in an atmosphere in which witnesses could not feel secure.

"Fear was a pre-eminent reason why witnesses did not wish to testify," he said. "The court encountered significant difficulties in obtaining considerable numbers of testimonies."

Thirty four out of 81 witnesses had to receive special protection
." Ultimately, because of this witness intimidation, the court was forced to acquit Haradinaj.
Now, Hague prosecutors have issued indictments against Kosovo ex-minister Astrit Haraqija and one of his staff, Bajrush Morina. Reuters story is here.

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