Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Javno: "Bernard Kouchner Involved In Albanian Organ Market"?

Milijana Mitrovic was one of Carla del Ponte`s sources for information on death camps in which organs were taken from people, the Kurir daily writes.

Reuters-.--.-She claimed Albania is not only a Serbian “blue tomb”, but organs were taken from Romanians, Greeks, Montenegrins, Russians and Arabs as well.

The very Albanian political top was in on it, along with KFOR and UNMIK representatives.

Among other things, Mitrovic claimed that thanks to the fact she was close to an influential Albanian businessman, she had the opportunity to see the camps and find out a lot about the crimes. When she decided to speak out on organ trade in 2002, nobody would listen. She received threats and the police questioned and bullied her.......Continued

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