Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kosovo Albanians Cross the Border to Steal Timber and Fire at Police

15 April 2008 | 23:31 | Source: FoNet, Beta
A group of armed Kosovo Albanians today crossed the administrative line in the south and attacked police officers patrolling the area.

Beta news agency learned from the Kuršumlija MUP that the incident, in which no one was injured, took place near the village of Tačevac (Serbia Proper) at approximately 14:30 CET Tuedsay.

Policemen noticed a group of three to five people they identified as Kosovo Albanians who has crossed from the province, "carrying tools for cutting trees".

They opened fire at officers, who did not shoot back, the news agency reported.

The automatic fire, police said, lasted for half an hour. It is unclear whether the officers from MUP's Kuršumlija department were the ones that came under attack.

The Kosovo Albanians then withdrew to the Podujevo village of Metojia (Kosovo), on a tractor loaded with timber.

Police said that there was no investigation of the location "for security reasons" – KFOR must first secure the area. But officers did recover one chainsaw left behind at the scene by the attackers.

Albanians set forest fires in this area last year

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