Monday, April 21, 2008

Russian Soccer Team Fined For Telling the Truth!

April 19, 2008

Union of European Football Associations known as UEFA has fined Russian club Zenit from Saint Petersburg because their fans held a banner saying that Kosovo is Serbia.

The banner was spread across the stadium during a UEFA Cup game with Olympique Marseille.

Kosovo is a Serbian province whose separatist Albanian Muslims have seized power through violence then illegally declared independence while few European states have decided to recognize this illegal act.

During the game Zenit fans held a banner in Russian saying, "We won't give Kosovo" and another in French saying that "Kosovo is the heart of Serbia".

Recently, a Serbian swimmer was also punished by another EU-dominated sports institution for wearing a shirt saying that Kosovo is Serbia.

UEFA which is located in the EU is now punishing soccer clubs whose fans disagree with the illegality of Kosovo's independence declaration.

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