Monday, April 14, 2008

Samadzic: "Serbia rejects separation"

April 13, 2008
Washington Times (Excerpt)
By Slobodan Samardzic

On Feb. 17, leaders of the ethnic Albanian community in the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia illegally and unilaterally declared independence from Serbia.

Violating Serbia's territorial integrity and international law, the United States and some European countries extended recognition and demanded that the Serbian government and Serbs in Kosovo respect the "border" created through our territory. They further insist on acceptance of the illegitimate "authority" in Pristina and deployment of a European Union mission ("EULEX"), despite absence of any legal ground, including United Nations Security Council authorization.

These actions are clear violations of the controlling U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999), which affirms Serbian sovereignty in the province. They also already have resulted in violence. The willingness of Washington and its hangers-on to use force to impose their demands was displayed recently in the mainly Serbian area of Northern Mitrovica, where U.N. police (UNMIK) and NATO-led military (KFOR) took violent action against Serbian judges and court workers who had peacefully and temporarily held a sit-in in a court building where they been employed prior to the 1999 NATO war against my country. This was done despite an agreement, which I brokered, for the Serbs to leave the premises voluntarily, which they were doing when they were violently attacked.

My government has demanded an impartial international investigation. President Bush's recent decision to provide weapons and other military assistance to the Albanian separatists points to further violent suppression of Serbs in Kosovo.

Serbia has responded to these provocations with restraint and constructive initiatives to restore peace and the rule of law. Recently I proposed that — pursuant to Resolution 1244 — the Serbian community would govern its own affairs, under U.N. oversight and jurisdiction. This would effectively protect the Serbian community from the lawlessness of the ethnic Albanian "government" headed by commanders of the so-called "Kosovo Liberation Army."

It also would allow the United Nations to help restore the rule of law, gravely compromised and critically endangered by the illegal unilateral proclamation of secession from Serbia. The proposal by Serbia makes it clear we are upholding Resolution 1244 and volunteering to help the U.N. maintain the Resolution's integrity, with cooperation of Serbs in Kosovo. The United Nations' acceptance or rejection of this offer will be a real test of whether they intend to maintain their valid role in Kosovo under Resolution 1244.

True to form, some observers have denounced our proposal as an attempt to "partition" Kosovo, or to have Serbs "secede." Such accusations are knowing and malicious falsehoods. It is patently obvious to any fair-minded observer that we seek not partition or secession but maintaining the integrity of Resolution 1244 where possible (the areas where Serbs live) as opposed to the Albanian-dominated areas, where the U.N.'s authority under Resolution 1244 has been negated by the separatist declaration of Feb. 17, the illegal deployment of EULEX, and null and void foreign recognitions........ (Continued)


Ian K. said...

I sent a letter to President Bush and his White House staff today expressing my disgust for their foreing policy in Iraq and Kosovo. I'm sure he will never read it, but it made me feel better, haha! I got a little religious, but I believe in the end everything is. Here it is:

Mr. President,

I am writing you to ask that you reconsider your stance on the unilateral declaration of independence by the Albanian separatists in the Serbian province of Kosovo. Your Department of State officials, primarily Secretary Condoleeza Rice, have ignored international law and Serbia’s rightful claim to their sovereign territory, and therefore hastily and carelessly supported this outrageous declaration. Your government said that it would support the Albanians no matter what they did, that they would have your backing at the cost of 15% of Serbian land and the Serbs that live there. Mr. President, you and your staff are sorely mistaken in this matter as you have no idea what can happen now that you have opened Pandora’s Box. You have flagrantly ignored the rule of law, and replaced it by the policy of force. You intimidate a “real” country, a country that was a United States ally during two world wars, to fulfill your own selfish agendas. Yes, you all have agendas that are not particularly constructive for anyone, not even Americans. You wish to stir the pot, to try to agitate Serbia into reacting, and then to see what Russia will do. What is the purpose of this beyond the shallow lines, and lies, your Secretary of State delivers to the U.S. press and other world leaders? You have exactly zero reasons to be involved in this matter. Serbia has cooperated with the ICTY and U.N. on issues of turning over war criminals; the economy is based on a market that has improved over 46% since the fall of Slobodan Milosevic. Serbia has wished to look towards the West and the European Union to “be like us.” What do they get for their faithfulness in the U.S. and democracy: A rape of their territory by supposed responsible world leaders such as you? I cannot stress how much the irresponsible actions of your administration and the European Union can potentially aggravate things into full-blown war. Is this what you want, to keep the U.S. economy stimulated by the war machine? Do you desire the formation of a one-world government that is foretold in the Book of Revelations that I suppose you have read since you claim to be a Christian? I will tell you what, there is the sixth commandment to the Hebrews that says “You shall not murder,” yet you authorize forceful action against innocent people in Iraq and will no doubt do the same against Serbs in the near future through NATO and the U.N. There is also the eighth that says “You shall not steal,” yet you went into Iraq and stole their oil reserves to feed our nation’s unhealthy and gluttonous thirst for oil, industry, and most of all profits. You have also helped the theft of a sovereign nation’s land in the Kosovo situation. There is the ninth commandment that says “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor,” but yet you and your administration perpetrate activities that require a bit of “covering up” so you can save face. You lie to the people by censoring the media reports, by creating false pretenses of “terrorism”, by using that awful color-coded threat scale. You keep the American public scared so you can exercise your suspect global actions. The last commandment says “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house…,” yet once again you coveted Iraqi oilfields, and then turned that covet into immoral actions to satisfy the upkeep of “our American way of life.” “Our way of life,” would that be gluttony, greed, excess, lying, prostitution of our people to the war cause, et cetera for the sake of “living well.” If that is being an American…I don’t think I want to be a part of that group. Do you know why we are hated by other peoples? It is because we overstep our boundaries, it is because we think we know what is best for everyone else, and we think that it is our place on Earth: To impose our styles and practices on peoples we don’t agree with. We want to change their way of living; you say it is to liberate, I say it is to make a little extra coin at the expense of others who are weaker or unlike our country founded by Englishmen. What were those first two commandments again? Oh, yes, they were “You shall have no other gods before me” and “You shall not make for yourself an idol…” This society has made money their god, and their idols are Hollywood, public officials, “heroes”, anything and everyone that distracts and blinds them from truth and God’s Way. Mr. President, I ask you to look inside yourself, with serious regard for humanity and faith in the One God, and ask yourself, “Am I making the right choices for this country? Am I thinking about the people of the United States while also considering how to govern without imposing on people who need not to be involved?” I ask you to seek these issues out so that your conscience will be clear on the day you stand before God in Heaven. We all sin, Mr. President, but some sins are just plainly more destructive and hideous than others. Please prove me wrong on all my points and bring change to this country during your last months in office, and please, I beg you wholeheartedly; do not accept Kosovo’s independence as it is totally wrong and dangerous. Thank you for your time, and I apologize for the tone and content of this message, but I am just fed up with the way my country is injuring the land of my forefathers in such a callous manner. said...

Way to go, Ian! Kudos!