Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Serbian Models Adorn the World's Catwalks

During her two-year modeling career, our beauty Mina Cvetkovic has managed to reach the very top of modeling business and become one of the most popular world models. Mina has done fashion shows for the best world designers, while being carefully observed by Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Demi Moore, P Didi from the first rows. She is a successful model of the “Women” modeling agency and currently lives in New York....

“I started modeling career two years ago owing to my agent Dejan Markovic. After the casting at the “Women” agency, he asked me whether I would like to become a model, and as soon as I said yes, they invited me to Milan. It all started with that simple question,” said Mina Cvetkovic, whose first engagement was a campaign for the prestigious fashion brand “Fendi”. After that, offers started to come one after another…Continued

Other top Serbian models include: Nataša Vojnovic, Maja Latinovic, Marija Vujovic, Ana Mihajlovic, Olja Ivanisevic, Ines Crnokrak and Danijela Dimitrovska

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