Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Kosovar" or Albanian?

After years of trying to sell the world on their "unique identity" as "Kosovars", Kosovo Albanians have now dropped the mask and are demanding that the international community recognize them as what they are (and always have been) -- Albanians!

So given that Albanians already have a country called "Albania", why did we give them another one? And given Kosovo churches were built by Serbs as "Serbian Orthodox Churches" and Kosovo Albanians are overwhelmingly Muslim, why should these churches in Kosovo now be "Albanianized"? From "New Kosova Report":

As part of the Ahtisaari Plan, the government has proposed a new law which identifies the national holidays of Kosovo. This excludes the 28th November, ‘Flag Day’, which is the date on which Albanians everywhere celebrate the independence of Albania, the 12th June, when NATO forces entered Kosovo, and the 5th March, the day when all those who died for Kosovo are remembered. This is simply the next step in the whitewashing of history and the removal of all signs of an Albanian identity in Kosovo. Instead the law includes holidays which have no meaning, such as Europe Day (is Kosovo meant to celebrate its exclusion from the EU on this day or its administration by the EU and thus its lack of democracy?). Whilst the right to express the majority Albanian identity of Kosovo is excluded, religious holidays are included. Add to this mix the Ahtisaari Plan’s declaration that all Orthodox monuments are ‘Serb,’ rather than the mixed cultural heritage of all the people of Kosovo, and it becomes clear that this combination is designed precisely to divide us into competing religious identities, whilst removing what unites us. Kosovo is 95% Albanian. It is a majority Albanian state and it is possible and right to express that identity whilst at the same time, guaranteeing and protecting the rights of all minorities within the state.

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