Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Kosovo Killers": Following the Trail of Clues Through Kosovo on Albanian Organ Harvesting of Serbs

Russian Journalists, Aleksander Kots, and Dimitri Stepshin with KP News go on a journey through Kosovo to find witnesses to what happened to the fate of nearly 3,000 Serbs, kidnapped or killed after the arrival of KFOR & NATO. They are hot on the trail of clues to Albanian organ trafficking, and along the way see the plight of ordinary Serbs living in fear of what will happen to them tomorrow. The story is told in three consecutive issues of KP:

Part I, Part II, Part III

Earlier articles relating to illegal Albanian organ trafficking of non-Serbs can be found here

And additional information on Albanian Criminal Activities in Kosovo & the US can be found in the minutes of the Subcommittee on Crime Hearing, US House of Representatives, 106th Congress (2000), titled: "THE THREAT POSED BY THE CONVERGENCE OF ORGANIZED CRIME, DRUG TRAFFICKING, AND TERRORISM"

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