Thursday, May 01, 2008

Kosovo Rebuffed at Regional Summit

30 April 2008 Skopje _ Kosovo was not invited to an upcoming regional summit in Macedonia due to the lack of consensus over its independence, Macedonia’s President says.

He explained that in order for Kosovo to join the summit there had to be a consensus from all 19 attending states.

“As you know, some of the countries attending the forum have recognised Kosovo while others have clearly stated against that. This means that reaching a consensus on this issue is impossible. At the same time, Macedonia too has not built its position towards Kosovo so we can not invite it," Crvenkovski said.

On Tuesday, Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci slammed Macedonia’s decision not to invite Kosovo’s President Fatmir Sejdiu to the summit.

“Nobody can ignore the independence of Kosovo,” Thaci told media in Pristina.

The Presidential summit which is to be held from May 2-3, in Macedonia’s lake town of Ohrid is to gather 19 leaders from Central and Southeast Europe. Of them, 17 will be represented with their heads of states.

The EU enlargement process as well as the influence it has over the countries’ economies and energy sectors will be discussed during the assembly.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in mid-February.

Macedonia has not yet recognised its independence while new parliamentary elections are due to be held by June. However, both countries have previously expressed their will to build friendly relations.

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Which are the countries that have so far accepted the rape and murder of Serbia.?I submit to them they have forfeited all existing laws of property of national borders of individual libertys and rights, constitutions,basic human decency etc...These so called countries will be damned forever.!!!