Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kuwait financing the forming of Al Qaeda branch in Macedonia

MINA News: Since yesterday, the Macedonian police is in action at various locations in Skopje, due to the tip it received for suspicious money transfer.

Our sources confirm, a Macedonian bank had tipped off the Authorities since January 2007 of suspicious money transfers. An Albanian, Bekir Halimi has been receiving 2,115 euros payments from Kuwaiti Organization "Revival Islamic Heritage Society".

"The Revival Islamic Heritage Society has been blacklisted by the United Nations because of their close ties to terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda", said Interior Ministry's spokesperson, Ivo Kotevski.

The money transfer through a swift account was done via Kuwaiti and two German banks evnetually ending up on Halimi's account.

According to the Interior Ministry's counter terrorism unit, Bekir Halimi had central role in all activities in the financing of humanitarian organization Bamiresija.

Macedonian Police had entered Bamiresija's facilities to investigate. It entered the operational facility on Lazar Iliev street, the praying areas on Petre Gorgiev street #63, the publishing house Nun, on Lazar Tanev street as well as the Trade Organization "R-Orient" and Studio Facility on Pance Nedolkovski street.

For a humanitarian organization, there are certainly many facilities. According to our source who spoke on condition of anonymity, these "humanitarian" organizations are used primarily for financing terrorism as well as money laundering.

Macedonian police seized electronic equipment, financial information. No charges have been filed so far as the investigation is ongoing, however, Bekir Halimi may face charges on financing terrorism, unlawful financial work, money laundering. Connections are sought on a global level between Halimi's organization and others.

Our sources confirmed there are suspicion that Halimis' organization has been accepting money from other organizations as well. The annual funds Bamiersija has received surpass 4.5 milion euros.

It is thought, the groupations are connected through out the Balkans, in Kosovo, Albania, Sandzak, Bosnia, Montenegro, coordinated by very powerful organization at a global level.

Halimi's organization is contrary to the constitutional laws of Macedonia with their goal being the creation of sharia law in this country.

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