Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Republican Riot: "US Veteran Removes His Kosovo Medal"

By Julia Gorin
Republican Riot (Excerpt)

Below is an early email I received from a reader named Theodore, who served almost three decades in the U.S. Navy. It is from September 2006, and is followed by his more recent email to me last week
Thank you for your continual education of what “The Kosovo War” was/is really about. The Serbs were/are still wronged - and worst of all the world refuses to look into the situation or that the true travesty is that the islamic-fascists have benefited from it. Thanks to Bill and Monica! At that time I was a member of the US Armed Forces so did my duty and participated in that “war”. Having learned the truth - partly through your writings - I am ashamed of the medals awarded for that (and almost wish to throw them away - preferably at Bill Clinton). One of the medals was nicknamed the “Girl Scout Medal” as it is green and yellow and named ambiguously (like all the wishy-washy Clinton-era things were ): the “Armed Forces Service Medal”, which to those of “old-school” means nothing as we serve(d) with pleasure and pride and need(ed) no medal for this. Another of the Clintonistas’ lame attempts to placate our military…
Email from last Thursday:
I was debating on removing the medals awarded for actions in the “K.C.” [Kosovo Campaign] from my (now retired) uniform. When Kosovo was stolen - a few weeks ago - that did it. I took a step - meaningless to 99.999% of people - as these have no idea of the significance of such medals/military traditions.

It was/is very difficult to do this.....


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