Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Rumors, Rumors, Rumors", Forming an New Serbian Government

By M.V. Pejakovich

Several Serbian Dailies today are reporting rumors that two completely opposite alliances for forming a new Serbian government after the election are "almost done deals" -- in a political space where only one (if any of these rumors) can possibly be true. How much is "wishful thinking" and how much is down-right deception, is anybody's guess, particularly given that many of Serbia's prime newspapers are foreign owned or influenced.

Swiss-owned Blic reported yesterday that a Tadic coalition with the Socialists was a done deal (or a nearly done one), but that they were holding up an announcement. Meanwhile B92 (which was financed by George Soros) is reporting a story of a real deal between the Radicals, Kostunica's Democrats and the Socialists --at least over the administration of Belgrade -- and it is also reporting many of the players, including the Socialists themselves, are saying that the Kostunica/Nikolic platform is closer to theirs than the Tadic one -- but that "they will also listen to offers from Tadic's coalition".

The one and only that you can be assured of at this moment, is that because the Socialists (the old party of Slobodan Milosevic) are desperately needed by both ends of the spectrum to form a new government, they are enjoying being treated like the "Prom Queen" after so many years of being treated like the "Ugly Sister". The Socialists will likely get as much political mileage out of this courtship by both sides as they can before committing to take one side or the other.

As I outlined in "Ignoring the Man Behind the Curtain" right after the election, while the Western MSM was screaming "Tadic won!", those who delved a little deeper to understand how the Serbian government system worked, were in for a big surprise. Yes, it was true that Tadic's coalition was "the biggest SINGLE winner" with 39% of the vote, it is also true that 61% of the population of Serbia did NOT vote for Tadic, but instead elected other representatives who collectively could challenge Tadic's ability to put together a government. Yet as predicted, Tadic is pouting for the press that "no one gave a mandate to his rival, Kostunica", which is true. But what is also true is that no one gave "a mandate" to Tadic either if he can't get any of the other elected representatives in the Serbian Parliament to work with him!

Meanwhile, after Tadic and the so-called Democrats had sold their souls -- with Tadic's predecessor in the party also having sold off most of Serbia's assets to global financial interests just to prove what "pro-Western capitalists" they were -- Tadic this week morphed the other direction attempting to prove what a "socialists" they have always been in order to attract the Serbian Socialist Party to the "Democratic ticket". It wasn't too hard for them, given that Tadic's party has belonged to Socialist International for a long time, yet this is something that has rarely been revealed in the Western press. The Tadic morph in the media from "avowed Western capitalist" to "avowed Socialist" happened so fast and so completely that it made Western readers heads spin. (But after watching Hillary try to turn herself into "a warrior princess", and McCain meeting with La Raza, nothing should surprise us about any politician, let alone Boris Tadic.)

Tadic wasn't alone in trying to woo the 20 Serbian Socialist seats. Even Javier Solana was heard to say, "the SPS (Socialists) does not have to continue to forever exist as the ‘'Milošević party’”, although that positive attitude to toward the Serbian Socialists well may conditional on the Socialists supporting the EU/US boy, Tadic, who needs them desperately. The EU has also told Serbia that "the EU expects a Serbian government by June 10th". Last time I checked, Serbia was not yet an EU country, so what right has the EU to "expect" anything from Serbia?

The US was blunt about what they want in Serbia --"we expect a pro-European government", period. The Bush Administration wants Boris Tadic in power and makes no bones about it. They might as well say, "We really don't care what Serbian citizens want or what the Serbian Constitution says, you will do what we say because we are America!". Enough to make me cringe, hearing this from someone who is supposed to be a diplomat, let alone an American diplomat.

The Bush Administration and the US State Department just doesn't get it -- tell Serbs what "they must do" and they give you the finger -- they did the same to the Turks, they did it to Austro-Hungary, they did it to Nazi Germany and they will do the same to us. It's who they are -- a tough, strong-minded lot who value their independence over anything else -- and if they haven't broken down after seventeen years of insults, sanctions, bombing and emotional abuse, it isn't ever going to happen. Of all the people on this planet who should understand this independent mentality, it should be us Americans -- because it is precisely who we used to be.

Ironically, it is precisely "the real American" in me that hopes Serbia tells us and the EU to go to hell, and then does what it needs to do for it's country and for its people, for freedom and real democracy, not swallowing the canned versions of "democracy"sold by NGO's and slimy bureaucrats.

But the election is over, the votes have already been cast, and it will be a wait until we see what Serbia will make from the results of this election -- meanwhile, the media will continue to place it's bets.

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