Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The World Is Rejecting the Surreality of Kosovo Independence

PRIŠTINA -- Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of State Rosemary DiCarlo says the U.S. is unsatisfied with the work of the Kosovo’s institutions in the lobbying process.

DiCarlo is understood to have said during a recent visit to Kosovo that “part of the joint plan between the United States and Kosovo was to achieve 97 recognitions by September.

After that, Kosovo was supposed to apply for a membership of the UN General Assembly”, an unnamed source told Television Kosovo.

According to the source, that plan might fall through owing to the relatively small number of countries that have recognized Kosovo and the inefficiency of the Kosovo government, writes Priština daily Koha Ditore.

SerbBlog: Wow, do you think Kosovo independence might not be such an easy sell because the Albanians got caught selling 70% of Western Europe's heroin? Or trafficking in sex slaves? Or ripping out the organs from live victims and putting them for sale to the highest bidder? Or that Kosovo has no legal economy and will have to be financially supported by international aid, forever?

Nah, Rosemary, you are right -- must just be Kosovo Albanian "lobbying efforts" that are not as successful as they should be -- NOT!

PS Now, the US denies that this report in the Kosovo Albanian media is accurate. But why would they make up something so obviously unfavorable to themselves?

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