Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Brave Czechs, Brave Film: "Stolen Kosovo"

A few days ago, Byzantine Art Blog ran the story of a made-for-state-owned Czech-TV film called, "Stolen Kosovo" that became a political hot potato for Czech TV. After the network financed it and Vaclav Dvorak made this fine film, the network decided to quash it as "unbalanced" (the code word for "showing the un-PC side of the story"). Once some Czech politicians shoved through "Kosovo recognition" -- a decision that shamed even the Czech president-- this film would have been on its way to never-to-be-seen oblivion.

But Vaclav Dvorak and the film's production company believed that the world needed to know the truth about Kosovo and the fate of Kosovo's Serbs and other minorities, so they allowed the 60 minute film to be uploaded it to YouTube. And an industrious Czech also subtitled the film in English.

If you ever wondered "what really happened in Kosovo?", "what the NATO Bombing was all about?", or "the truth about US involvement in Kosovo?" , the this film is a must see!

The sixty minute film is divided into shorter parts.

Part I

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10


Srdjan97 said...

A lot of people are on our side and aware of the truth which is still not good enough, we need more since their governments made this mess happen in order to accomplish their goals. Personally, I feel sorry for American citizens cause they are clueless of what's really going on and many of them are still supporting this mess. I feel so good after watching this Czech video even tho I've seen some terrible things. Truth is kind of slow but I hope that the justice will strike upon those who made this happen to Serbian nation!

Z said...

I think there is more and more people in Europe who realize what really happened in Kosovo. But, as an spanish, I can tell you the spanish mass media haven't spoken a word about the facts and evidences discovered after NATO's agression.

But we have to keep working. Here is my little grain of sand: