Sunday, June 22, 2008

Montenegro's Albanian Headaches that "Kosovo Recognition" Won't Fix

On June 4th, the Montenegrin newspaper "Dan" reported the words of Montenegrin Serb leader Andrija Mandic, saying that while he was in Kosovo, he had heard that the Montenegrin leadership planned to recognize Kosovo after the supposed "new Kosovo Constitution" (written by an American law professor) came into effect on June 15th:
"While I was in Kosovska Mitrovica I heard the report that the
Montenegrin government might recognize the unilaterally-declared
independence of Kosovo-Metohija by St Vitus Day [28 June]. From
this town I want to send a message to the Montenegrin government
- do not destabilize and disgrace Montenegro, do not do a thing
that is against the will of almost two thirds of the citizens.
It would be a disgrace for all of us. It would be horrible if the
Montenegrin government decided to make such a step and recognize
some kind of independent Kosovo state. Montenegro is the last
country that should be considering this. As a state Montenegro
was founded on the Kosovo thought and most of the families in
Montenegro originated from Kosovo. The Serb people in Montenegro
will use all democratic means at their disposal to discourage
Montenegro from recognizing the state of Hasim Taci,"
Mandic has told Dan.
Then today, B92 is reporting that the Kosovo Albanians say that Montenegro "will recognize Kosovo soon". If it is true it will NOT prove "how progressive Montenegro is". It will only be about gangsters declaring "recognition" of each other's current "turf".

Mandic suggested that ordinary Montenegrins take to the streets in protest, especially now during tourist season (tourism represents nearly 25% of the Montenegrin economy) should the Montenegrin leadership even consider such a traitorous move. Given that over 70% of Montenegrins identify themselves as "Serbian Orthodox Christians", Kosovo independence recognition would be completely against the will of the Montenegrin people. Yet, extreme pressure from the US and EU is trying to force the Montenegrin leadership's hand, even though it could mean facing rioting in the Montenegrin streets.

But Montenegro has another political hot potato to handle -- "the wrath of the local Albanians".

Although Albanians represent only about 5% of the Montenegrin population, they are the same, whining-to-the-press, land-grabbing, pain-in-the-asses that they are to Serbia, Macedonia and Greece -- always claiming "unfair treatment" and "ancient Albanian territory" under the rule of any and every non-Albanian political leadership, even when they are a tiny minority.

Now, post-Kosovo "independence", brazen Albanians are now trying to claim an area in Southeastern Montenegro that Albanians call "Malesia". There is even a "Free Malesia" Albanian movement that claims "there will never be peace" in Montenegro until the Albanians get what they want -- and they really aren't above using violence to get it.

There is the current trial of eighteen Albanians in Montenegro on charges of terrorism. The eighteen were arrested in September, 2006 just a before a key Montenegrin parliamentary election in then newly independent Montenegro. Authorities say that they were planning terrorist attacks aimed at creating an ethnic Albanian republic on Montenegrin soil. Of course the Albanians all scream that they are "just being persecuted", "it's all political and it's not true", yet just a few months later , a shipment of weapons from Kosovo bound for the Montenegrin Albanians was intercepted by KFOR.

Yet to make matters even worse, four of these eighteen Albanian terrorists, including the mastermind, are American citizens!

So now the both the Democrats and Republicans who are on the Albanian narco-terror gravy train, are lobbying for the Albanian American terrorists' release.

Gee, that's great, we really need "more Albanian terrorists" in the US, so maybe we can have another Fort Dix Six scenario all over again!

Or maybe, the US State Department will just settle for Montenegro "recognizing Kosovo" and let the Albanian terrorists rot. After all, there are a lot more Albanians from where those came from.

As for this writer, I am with Mandic. Whatever Montenegro's problems, if Montenegro forgets its Serb heritage and recognizes an Albanian-ruled Kosovo, it would be an unimaginable disgrace for Montenegrins -- one that would make even its most beloved and famous Montenegrin, Njegos, rise from his grave to spit on!

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