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By Edward Spalton

The establishment of an “independent” Kosovo, resting on the bayonets of occupying forces and contrary to UN resolutions, has done nothing to settle the problems of the Balkans but institutionalizes an area of criminality and Jihadism with the trappings of statehood.

The following article appeared in “Freedom Today” in its October/November issue of 1999. The research, which took me several months, actually made me feel ill – especially concerning the nature of the wartime state of Croatia and the acceptance by Western powers of its modern resurrection, now a candidate for EU membership.

With benefit of hindsight, there is only one thing which I overlooked - the power of Jihad with which we, in liberal Western Europe , were then completely unacquainted. We are all wiser now in that respect; apart from our wilfully blind politicians who still tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and with increasing insistence and repetition attempt by the power of legal compulsion to make us believe it.

Vidovan, St.Vitus’ day, falls on June 28th in the Orthodox calendar. Historically and tactically the battle of that day was something of a draw – the commanders of both sides were killed. Strategically and politically it marked the end soon after of a viable, defensible, Serbian Christian state and the beginning of the long dark night of Muslim oppression in the Balkans. Perhaps English speakers can get some inkling of its emotional significance by reading the words which Shakespeare put into Henry V’s mouth at the battle of Agincourt on “Crispin Crispian’s day” or recall the words attributed to Simon de Montfort at the battle of Evesham “Now let us commend our souls to God for our bodies are in the hands of our enemies”.

I offer these thoughts, mindful that the feast of Vidovdan in the Orthodox calendar is near, the solemn time when the people of Serbia recall their blackest, yet proudest hour of defeat at the hands of the Muslim Turks. This recollection of the heroic tale of Kosovo Polje, the Field of the Blackbirds, where Prince Lazar chose a heavenly kingdom above an earthly one, sustained their Christian witness through five hundred years of the most cruel persecution.


When the troubles first started in Yugoslavia , reporting was fairly even-handed. The atrocities of all sides were shown. Gradually the media became “gleichgeschaltet” (as Dr Goebbels put it) or “on message” as New Labour would have it; only the Serbs were demonized then.

The defining moment was Germany ’s recognition of Croatia before any of the normal criteria for full diplomatic relations existed – settled government, recognised frontiers etc. The rest of the EU states, having vigorously opposed such a move, shuffled into line as part of the EU Common Foreign Policy. From this point, the waters became ever muddier.

The Bosnian and Kosovo tragedies followed as night follows day.

As the intervention developed, the UN dropped out and NATO changed its character utterly, in contradiction of its own charter.

In concert with the developing Western European Union (the supra-national, united armed forces of the European Union), it ceased to be a defensive alliance, protecting the sovereignty of its members and became an imperial entity, waging its first war of conquest.

The American, British and mainland Western European peoples have not yet fully grasped the enormity of this metamorphosis. Yet they are all now pieces in the Great Game being played with their countries by the unaccountable, undemocratic, supra-national agencies of New NATO and the EU.

Throughout the past fifty years until very recently there were few institutions which seemed more beneficent and protective than NATO. It was a purely defensive alliance in which members agreed to come to each other’s aid if attacked. Just how they did this was up to them.

Most came into the NATO command structure but the French left it, knowing that the rest would still come to their aid: having their cake and eating it as usual.

Nevertheless it kept the Soviets from carrying out Mr. Kruschev’s stated intention “We will bury you”. The Marshals of the Red Army, who frequently proclaimed their indifference to the prospect of countless millions of casualties, were deterred by the clout of this united front, backed by the might of America and steadfastly supported by Britain and Canada . Mainland Europe owes old NATO two generations of peace and deliverance from totalitarian rule.

This was nothing to do with the European Union, which did not exist when NATO was formed. From its inception the EU worked to destroy the sovereignty of European democracies (rather more effectively than the Red Army, as it turned out).

NATO was often cited as an example of “pooling” sovereignty as in the EU, but this was never true. It was an organization of sovereign states cooperating under international law for a limited purpose. It contained provision that states might leave by giving notice to the other members (unlike the EU). There was no NATO Commission and there were no NATO directives over-riding members’ domestic laws.

Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has changed its character beyond recognition. It is no longer purely defensive, but has arrogated to itself the right to go adventuring in other states. At its 50th anniversary celebrations, Tony Blair proclaimed a new doctrine which would justify NATO invading territory from the Atlantic to the Urals and beyond in defence of “peace”, “democracy”, “stability” or “human rights”. More or less any state in the world of second rank or less could qualify for the treatment, if it was not in the good books of Tony (Blair) and his cronies.

He has also linked Britain ’s NATO contribution with the Western European Union, a hitherto shadowy organization which is now defined as the EU wing of NATO. Under the guise of closer cooperation, this is nothing less than the creation of an EU army, navy and air force. British forces will still wear British uniforms for the time being, but their command will be so integrated with the WEU as to be beyond control or recall by Parliament.

General Naumann, Supreme German Military Commander, gave a strong hint of WEU and New NATO thinking when he said “German troops will be engaged for the maintenance of the free market and access without hindrance to the raw materials of the entire world”. The implication is that if the entire world does not agree, so much the worse for it. We have ways of making you trade!

Tony Blair demonstrated his contempt and disregard of Parliament during the Kosovo war. William Hague made little enough objection, though Madam Speaker said a few choice words. Those EU states with traditional, constitutional or treaty obligations of neutrality – Sweden , Finland , Austria and Ireland – are being railroaded into associate WEU/NATO membership through an initiative called “Partnership for Peace”. This is Euro-Newspeak for “Command structure for war”. WEU institutions contain no provisions permitting members to leave.

The atrocities of the various sides in the break-up of Yugoslavia were very similar. The leaders of Croatia and Bosnia , maintained in power by WEU/NATO, are both on record calling for genocide. They practiced it vigorously whenever they had the chance. In this respect there is no difference between them and Milosevic. Yet only the Serbs were castigated. WEU/NATO succeeded in managing the media with frightening totality to minimize the atrocities of its clients.

The policy of New NATO and Germany in particular was to break up the Yugoslav state in which the Serbs were the senior partners – rather as England is in the UK .

Following the footsteps of pre 1914 Austro-German policy, this was the active aim of Germany from the early Eighties and they persuaded the Americans to their view.

Anti-Serb bias is profoundly ingrained in the psyche of southern and central Europe . Before he concocted his own racial theories, Hitler – like any other Roman Catholic Austrian subject, would have imbibed the officially approved attitude that Orthodox Serbs were “worse than Protestants”. The Nazis later recruited Roman Catholic and Muslim Slavs (Croatians and Bosnians genetically indistinguishable from Serbs as well as Albanians) as honorary Aryans in elite volunteer Waffen SS units. The Orthodox Serbs always remained Slav “Untermenschen”. Recent events reflect the continuance of this mind-set in hardly less overt form. Today’s government of Bosnia resurrected the name of one SS unit, the Handzar Division. It provides the life guard for the President.

Collaborating wartime states like Slovakia and Croatia were clerico-fascist in nature, supported both by the local church hierarchies and by the Vatican . Cardinal Stepinac, wartime Archbishop of Zagreb, wrote exultant reports to Pope Pius XII of the hundreds of thousands of forced, gun point conversions of Serbs in Croatia . His clergy were active as concentration camp commanders, dealing with those stubborn Serbs who refused to become Roman Catholics and thus “de-Serbed”.

Yet the present Pope has set in motion the beatification of this gruesome character. Pope John Paul II has apologized for the Roman Catholic Church’s failure to speak up for the Jews. Yet despite his oft-expressed wish for reconciliation with the Orthodox Churches, he shares the Roman blind spot with regard to the holocaust of Serbs, Jews and gypsies carried out in his predecessor’s name and full knowledge within living memory*.

There are plenty of extant photographs of the papal legate to Nazi Croatia giving the fascist salute to parades of the Ustache – a force whose methods revolted even the SS. They were at work under clerical management well before Germany issued its Europe-wide Directive on the Harmonisation of Measures for the Final Solution of racial problems.

The achievement of an ethnically and religiously purified state of Croatia had to wait until 1995 when NATO’s “Operation Storm” caused the expulsion of all the Serbs from the Krajina region.

Warren Christopher of the US State Department callously remarked that this ethnic cleansing had “simplified” the Croatian situation. Compare this with the rightful humanitarian concern for other racial groups which suffered similarly. The West took a very different attitude to the no less appalling Serbian attempted “simplification” of Kosovo. Serbs, it seems, don’t count.

More recently Clare Short, British minister for overseas aid, said that Serbs fleeing Kosovo were not refugees at all but “people who had decided to move”. They were therefore unworthy of humanitarian aid – a lesser breed, outside her much publicized, caring compassion for humanity in general. The politically correct Ms Short would not dare to display such racist bias against a minority at home.

This attitude to Serbs persists today, mostly unthinkingly, but sometimes it is startlingly explicit. Among the most bloodthirsty advocates of condign punishment and all-out war on Serbia was an influential Member of the European Parliament, one Doctor Otto von Habsburg, heir presumptive of the former Austrian Empire – a blast from the past with malice aforethought long matured! The terms of the Rambouillet agreement were just as extreme as the Austrian ultimatum to Serbia which touched off the Great War in 1914. The terms were quite impossible of acceptance and designed to be so.

A wiser leader than Milosevic might have preserved the Yugoslav federation, but the plans of the separatists and their backers had been long laid.

They were also supported by aid and arms for the Croats, Bosniaks and Kosovo Liberation Army from the arsenal of former East Germany and elsewhere. Germany trained and equipped the KLA from at least 1996, much more munificently than Colonel Gadaffi ever supported the IRA. Prior to this, the unrest in Kosovo had been at a lower level than in Northern Ireland , as measured by reported deaths. Germany ensured a big enough conflict in Kosovo to provide a pretext for intervention.

The EU and the Americans had decided that a group of small, tractable client states in the Balkans was preferable to a strong Yugoslavia , capable of self defense. These statelets also provide economic “Lebensraum” for the EU. The treaties ending this phase of the Balkan wars are quite explicit in this respect. The new states must follow EU-decided economic policies, regardless of the wishes of their inhabitants.

So the British people, unknown to themselves, have become accomplices in the creation of an old-style continental land empire with far more than its share of disputed frontiers and ethnic conflicts.

“Divide and rule” has long been a favoured maxim for imperial powers. We are experiencing the same principle applied to ourselves, as Britain too is “Balkanized” into regions.

Whilst we owe a debt of gratitude to old NATO for past services, new NATO and its associated EU organizations are profoundly inimical to freedom, as we have always understood the term. New WEU/NATO is no friend to a sovereign Britain nor to a sovereign anywhere else. From drinking the euro-federalist potion, Dr Jekyll has become Mr. Hyde in the person of George Robertson, the NATO Secretary General.

* In wartime Croatia , courageous individual Roman Catholics, lay and clerical, performed many acts of mercy at great risk. They appealed in vain for Archbishop Stepinac to denounce the terror. Official Church publications of the time show beyond all reasonable doubt that the Croatian hierarchy was politically committed to fascism, genocide and forced conversions.

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