Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ortho Opinions: "A Quiz on World Affairs"

At the end of the Cold War, a (former) Communist country which had been organized along federal lines into constituent republics, dissolves into those individual republics with each becoming a sovereign nation. In one of those republics there is a province in which (partly due to population shifts, during and just before the Communist era) the majority of the population is ethnically distinct from the now-independent republic. In that province there is a strong separatist movement engaged in armed insurrection which has taken effective control of much of the province. As a result, this province has not participated in the parliamentary elections which elected the national government of the republic.

The premier of the republic orders military action to retake control of the province, which under international law, is a part of the now-sovereign republic. In the press of an (outside) great military power (which, incidentally, has unfriendly relations with the democratically elected government of the republic due to its close ties to another great military power), there are breathless (false) reports of "genocide" being carried out as part of the attempt to reassert sovereignty over the province. The great power, without U.N. sanction and without taking care to avoid targeting civilians, launches a military campaign and strikes targets throughout the republic. The great power describes its actions as a ‘humanitarian intervention’. The other great power, which was friendly to the government of the republic, protests and sends logistical support to the futile resistance by the republic’s government.


1. The great power launching the military strike on behalf of the separatists is

A. The United States
B. Russia
C. not enough information is provided

2. The republic fighting the separatists is

A. Georgia
B. Serbia
C. not enough information is provided

3. The separatists are

A. mostly Christian Ossetians
B. mostly Muslim Albanians
C. not enough information is provided

4. The year when this takes place is

A. 1999
B. 2008
C. not enough information is provided

(The correct answer in each case is, of course, C.)

SerbBlog: And the difference is?


Roland Hulme said...

EXACTLY my point about why Russia has no right to bitch about Kosovo any longer. said...

Russia will continue to "bitch about Kosovo" for at least as long as we continue to bitch about Georgia & S. Ossetia -- and I suspect that that is not going to end any time soon.

From a Great Powers perspective, what the US did in Kosovo is identical to what Russia with S. Ossetia -- although I doubt Russian bombing of Georgia is going to last 73 days, and Georgia does share a border with Russia. unlike Kosovo being 3,000 miles from the US.

However, on the ground, Kosovo and S. Ossetia & Abkhazia are very different from Kosovo. Kosovo is an essential part of Serbia and the Serbian identity. Neither S. Ossetia, nor Abkhazia have that level of meaning for either Georgia or Russia.

333Israel said...

Hey, I am an Israeli-Jew and pro Serbia to Kosovo.

Why am I supporting Serbia?

Serbia is a democracy.

The Serbs fought on side of the western civilization in 2 world wars.

The vast majority of the partisans during world war2 saved Jews and had invited them to fight as comrades against the Nazi monster.
Over than 750,000 Serbs brutality murdered by Nazis friends in the Balkan. I am still "wondering" who they are, maybe a few Albanians, Bosnians and Croatians.

Kosovo is the Jerusalem of the Serbian nation.

The Serbs are Christians, who had and have been fighting against the radical Muslims who wants to take over their territory and women (god forbid!!!).

The state of Israel and many European countries (shame on those whom decided to recognize Kosovo as independent state- USA, UK etc), and so Serbia are facing against global Jihad. I don't understand where the hell are the minds of these phonies leaders, including my country?, we have to be united not separated!!!

Serbia is another victim of the radical leftist Junta at UN that wants to sacrifice someone (why not Serbia) in order to appease the Radical Muslims.
So called, leftists I have a news for you, you have just fueled their motivation to carry out more terrorists attack on infidel's soil!!!

These vicious leftists are'nt representing me because they are bowing to Islamic countries that dictate their foreign policy due to their oil!!!, we have to find an alternative to oil otherwise the Islamist will force the west relinquish Macedonia etc in order to appease Muslim Albanians.

The radical Muslims must be stopped!!!, including Albanians.

The KLA is an integral part of the Islamist crescent that aspires to bring the world by force under Islamic Sharia law.

The KLA is a dangerous mafia that transfer over than 80% of the Heroine into Europe.

Bill Clinton- you weren't represented me as a staunch America ally in your evil adventure against Serbia, have you got that?