Thursday, October 23, 2008

USA: 'Al-Qaeda-linked websites back McCain'

Dubai, 22 Oct. (AKI) - Al-Qaeda linked website users are backing the Republican Party's candidate John McCain in next month's presidential election, in the hope that a win by McCain will intensify the terror network's war with the United States, according to a series of comments posted in recent days to the al-Hesbah website - one of the most widely used jihadist sites.

"If Al-Qaeda wants to defeat the United States, it should hope the country keeps up its 'fight against terrorism' and the policies already seen in its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so that we can fight until the last soldier has been killed," wrote one Al-Hesbah user.

"Al-Qaeda supports McCain in the presidential election - so that America can continue the failed policies begun by George W. Bush," wrote another website user.

Other messages posted to Al-Hesbah rejoice in the US economic crisis and the falls seen on its financial markets .

"This crisis reinforces on an economic level the damage done to countries by the mistaken wars against Iraq and Afghanistan," wrote another website user.

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