Thursday, November 27, 2008

And the Other Shoe Drops: Albanian Terrorists Claim Repsonsibility For 9/14 Bomb Blast

BELGRADE -- An group calling itself the Army of the Republic of Kosovo has claimed responsibility for the bombing of the International Civilian Office (ICO) in Priština.

Three German nationals were arrested on November 14 over the incident, but will probably be released due to a lack of evidence.

The Albanian group sent a message via a personal e-mail account, threatening the Kosovo government, media and international organizations in the province.

“As long as the UN plan is in force, we will attack with full might and there will be no security for Serbs that live in Kosovo,” the organization stated in its e-mail, adding that severed Serb heads would be sent to Serbian politicians.

The organization also threatened to bomb EULEX headquarters as well if it remained neutral on Kosovo’s status, adding that there would be new conflicts not only in Kosovo but in other regions as well,” Kosovo Police Service spokesman Veton Elshani told B92.

SerbBlog: Big "surprise". Sort of blows the "secular Muslims" theory yet again, now doesn't it?.

What this means is that "the EULEX Mission excuse" just gave the Albanians the green light to seize even more territory and clear out the last of the Christian Serbs, while making Sejdiu and Thaci appear to have "clean hands". You could cut the hypocrisy here with a knife!

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