Saturday, November 15, 2008

Balkan Insight: "Blast at EU Special Representative’s Office in Kosovo"

Balkan Insight
By Krenar Gashi in Pristina

Kosovo Police sources told Balkan Insight that the blast was caused by an object which was "heavier than a hand grenade."

Veton Elshani, Kosovo Police spokesperson, confirmed this information.

"Nobody was hurt but the windows of the building were broken," Elshani told Balkan Insight.

The building is the headquarters of the International Civilian Office, the ICO, a body that is supervising Kosovo's independence.

The head of the ICO, Peter Feith, is also the EU Special Representative in Kosovo.... Read the Rest at Balkan Insight

SerbBlog: Good laugh -- both Feith and Sejdiu deny that this bomb blast has ANYTHING to do with the fact that the Kosovo Albanians are protesting the planned Eulex Mission. Yet if they have "no suspects" & "no motive", then how can they possibly know what was or wasn't the bomber's motive? And, Sejiu goes on to say that “Only enemies of Kosovo can link these two things (protesting Eulex and this bomb blast)”. Then does that make any reasonable person using their brain into "an enemy of Kosovo"? According to Sejdiu, "Yes!" Thanks so much for clarifying that for us, Mr. Sejdiu!

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