Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Plot Thickens on the Kosovo Bomb Blast

MV Pejakovich

A few days ago, arrests were finally made in connection with the November 14th bomb blast at International Civilian Office led by the European Union’s special representative to Kosovo. And the men that the Kosovo police arrested are reported as "three German citizens"

If your reaction was anything like mine, it was, "What? Germans? You've got to be kidding me!" Germany was one of the first countries to recognize Kosovo Albanian independence. Germany is one of the Kosovo Albanians' biggest donors of financial aid. Why would Germans be bombing an EU Mission Headquarters? That makes no sense. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop -- like when the headlines died down, maybe we'd discover (if we looked hard enough) that these three would turn out to be ethnic Albanian German citizens, but......

Nope. They are real German Germans. Der Spiegel and several other German papers are reporting that the three Germans arrested are actually members of the BND, German Security Service, but the German Government refuses to officially confirm or deny that. (Which means we can bet that it's true.)

OK. That's even more puzzling. Why would German BND agents blow up an EU office, with no one in it? Makes absolutely no sense. Wouldn't it make far more sense that one of the thousands of Kosovo Albanians who've been protesting the "EU Mission's 6 Point Plan for Kosovo" in recent weeks would be the bomber?

The three Germans say that they heard about the bomb blast and showed up to investigate it, nothing more. They say that they had absolutely nothing to do with the actual bombing.

But the Albanians say they have video, and the German government says "you can't see the faces. This is a frame up!"

Well, the Kosovo Albanians are sticking to their "three German did it" charade, and are hanging on to their "three German bombing suspects" for the next 30 days. And as you might imagine, the embarrassed German government is absolutely furious. When German officials start using words like "this is absurd", you know that their ears are blowing steam.

Wish that I could say that I feel sorry for the German Government in this case, but I don't. This is hardly the first time that Kosovo Albanians have bitten the hand that feeds them, it is quite unlikely that it will be the last!

Updates: German agents arrested in Kosovo to go free next week

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