Monday, November 24, 2008

Think You know the Truth About the Serbs? Look What's Been Hidden & For How Long!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

....Mr. Vujnovich, a Pittsburgh boy who became head of the Office of Strategic Services in Bari, Italy, organized what has been called the greatest air rescue of the war.

In the summer of 1944, U.S. bombers targeted the Romanian oil fields in Ploesti that supplied the German war machine. They flew from Italy and across Yugoslavia to get there.

But Luftwaffe fighters and flak from anti-aircraft guns took a fearsome toll, and many shot-up planes never made it back.

Some 1,500 crewmen had to bail out over Serbia, trapped behind enemy lines and dependent on villagers to hide them from the Germans.

Mr. Vujnovich's team of agents, including a former Pittsburgh Steeler from Johnstown and a crack radioman from Toledo, Ohio, worked with Yugoslav guerilla leader Gen. Draza Mihailovich to airlift 512 men from a makeshift runway carved on a mountaintop.......Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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BBogunovic44 said...

There are many sad things about the Chetnik circumstances. Even though their leader was featured on the front cover of Time magazine for his underground war against the Nazis, he was lied to about support from the Allies because many of the British intelligence agents were Communist sympathizers who distorted the truth and diverted aid to the Partisans which contributed to establishment of a Communist regime. These men, along with some of their families, were able to withdraw across the rivers Soca and Korana to the then-liberated Italian border. Many of them eventually emigrated to England, Canada, Austalia, and the United States after enduring years in the DP (displaced persons) camps. General Eisenhower convinced President Truman to stop appeasing the maverick Communist leader, Josip Broz-Tito, by having General Draza Mihajlovic recognized for saving the airmen and keeping up the resistance, while also defending against Partisan attacks. Unfortunately, he lost his life in defense of his efforts and, equally tragically, he is not accurately recorded in some accounts of history, due to the Communist revisionism started in consolidating power over Yugoslavia.