Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Want To See What One Stubborn Serb Can Accomplish? Meet Nick Vujicic!

Being born without arms and legs has not stop devoutly Christian, Australian Serb Nick Vujicic from living an extraordinary life. At age 25, Nick has used his condition to inspire to millions as a motivational speaker and share with them a love of God and a love of life.

Nick and his "Life Without Limbs" organization recently completed a tour of Africa and is now on his way to Asia. Nick speaks to people in prisons, to orphans and refugees and to churches. And along the way, Nick has never lost his sense of humor.

There are currently over 250 videos about Nick Vujicic on YouTube, with hundreds of thousands of viewers.

In early October of this year, Nick also made time to visit orphanages in Serbia.

Bravo to brave and beautiful Nick Vujicic for giving the world courage, and reminding us of how truly blessed we are!


Unknown said...

He's not Serbian. He's a CATHOLIC CROATIAN. NOT Orthodox. His parents are Croatian who just lived in Vojvodine, then they moved to Australia.

Mel said...

Sorry, but you are wrong. Listen to Nick Vujicic in his own words about where his family came from here. He says exactly which villages and towns his family came from and they were all in Serbia.