Monday, November 03, 2008

WIP: "Mother Serbia and Her Children"


For the last ten years or so, the Serbs have been in danger of disappearing - yes, that's right, completely and utterly - a decrease in numbers of Serbs has been blamed on "new trends coming from the west", such as contraception and "women who pursue carrier instead of trying to conceive", together with "more and more gay people popping up all the time because of the latest fashion."

Campaigns launched to try and help with this matter, both governmental or private, didn't appear to be working - it seemed as if the Serbs just refused to mate and multiply! There was Patriarch calling for women to multiply, there were TV shows titled "It's time for babies!", even the latest agreement between ruling coalition partners includes the paragraph that says they will try to help increase the number of Serbs, not to mention various other subliminal messages in the press and TV and so on. But nothing helped.

Why don't the women just simply start having babies, that can't be so hard, right? Nobody knew what's wrong.

Until couple of days ago a blog post entitled, "Why Serbs should simply die of white plague" (white plague is an informal term used for nations with not enough Sarah Palins), hit a nail on the head. ....Read the Rest at WIP

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