Friday, December 19, 2008

Mafia Killings Slap Zagreb Into Rude Awakening In 2008

Zagreb - Ever since it broke off from Yugoslavia, Croatia tried hard to persuade others and itself that it is not a part of the perceivedly "dodgy" Balkan ways - but a series brutal murders proved it was still closer to how it regards Belgrade and Sofia than to Vienna.

With four gangland-style killings in October, Croatia's powerful - and previously largely negated - underworld flexed its muscle and sent the authorities scurrying for emergency measures.

Ivana Hodak, 26, beautiful celebrity daughter of a socialite lawyer defending powerful clients with lots of enemies, was slain in broad daylight in central Zagreb on October 6.

A professional hitman coolly walked off after delivering the fatal shots to her head and neck - all this in broad daylight and not even 100 metres from the main police precinct. ....e-flux

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