Monday, December 15, 2008

So Who Went Ireland to Interview Ex Illinois Governor George Ryan's Ancestral Family?

By MV Pejakovich

When ex Illinois Governor George Ryan was indicted on federal charges, no one in the media pounced on "Ryan's Irish roots" as though it was relevant to the story. As a matter of fact, Ryan's Irish roots, although obvious from his name, were never, ever mentioned. The linkages between Ryan and the Chicago political machine were justly pointed out.

Yet, the media just can't seem to get enough of rubbing everyone's nose in Rod Blagojevich's "ethnic roots" -- even going so far as to publish quotes from the Blagojevic family in Europe for their reaction to the cousin that they've never met, and quoting headlines from German and Soros owned newspapers from Eastern Europe.

Others went to his local boyhood church for reactions from parishioners. Rod Blagojevich is 52 years old and hasn't gone there in 30 years. What's this got to do with anything?

Rod Blagojevich told us how irrelevant his ethnic roots were a few years ago on Jay Leno, when he refused to say anything other than that they were "Eastern European". So why does the media think that they are going to find something relevant to the corruption story in Blagojevich's ancestry?

Rod Blagojevich's "ethnicity" is American and his religion is "corrupt politician". That should have been plain for all to see when back in 1999, he supported the twisted and corrupt NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia, using the same hateful anti-Serb rhetoric as the rest of his twisted fellow corrupt politicians.

Blagojevich cut himself off from his family roots, his upbringing and his family's religion a long time ago to embrace his "American corrupt politician" persona. Maybe slicing off those pieces of himself is what's wrong with him -- who knows? But we all make choices and Rod Blagojevich made his.

Rod Blagojevich isn't the first son of good parents to go wrong, he likely won't be the last. But greed, narcissism and megalomania are the traits of individuals, not of religions, of ethnic groups or of races.


Anonymous said...

Very well said. Interesting how so many seem to know so much about the Serbian character that they would attribute Blagojevich's behavior. said...

But they don't "know about the Serbian character" -- they only know the "Serbian caricature" that this same media created and is once again hoping to exploit.

Rod Blagojevich did not come from "a culture of corruption". The Chicago Serbs were & are for the most part hard working decent people, who just hoped that their children would use all they were given to make a better and easier life for themselves than they had. There is no sin in that -- it is the American Dream.

And Rod Blagojevich exploited that hope by showing up around election time for campaign contributions & votes, but otherwise disowning them publicly -- and even backing the NATO Bombing of their and his own relatives in Yugoslavia.

So why should these same people have to be victimized once again by a media who tries to toe them to Blagojevich when he never tied himself to them in life?

Anonymous said...

You know what, I don't feel victimized, because I know who I am and I know how the Serbs have stood up for decency and right for generations in the face of whatever prevailing political correctness of the day tried to dictate. And I'm proud to be so, and likewise, my children are proud of the strength of character their Serbian heritage gives them.

I hope the current nightclub culture of Serbian youth in Europe is something passing. said...

Woodrow Wilson once said of Michael Pupin, "He's a good American largely because he is a good Serb" Serb values were the same as America's back then-- God, Family, Country.

American Serb values haven't changed -- but America has.

We still know who we are, when the rest of the world has forgotten who they are supposed to be.

The Collector said...

Blagojevich is a self-hating pig (much like all the self-hating Jewish leaders who support the "two-state" vivisection of Israel and are constantly kissing up to the Muzzies), but he is still a victim. He was made the fall guy for a massive corruption ring that Barack HUSSEIN Obama actually masterminded.