Thursday, January 08, 2009

Give Neil Clark Your Vote!

Last year we helped Neil Clark to win the Best UK Weblog Award and he is running again to hold onto his title. Can he count on your support this time? He is one of the best friends that Serbia and the Orthodox world have in the West.

OK, you can vote via this link from midnight Central Time on the 6th January and voting ends at 4.00pm Central, on the 12th. Each computer can vote once every 24 hours. Please can you get the word out to your readers that we need them to vote every day for Neil Clark's Blog?

Let's Help Neil win Again! Vote Every Day!

1 comment:

Exile said...

Thank you.

Neil is losing and losing badly. He needs at least 200 votes a day between now and when the polls close on the 13th - it is not the 12th by the way.

He gets about 100 votes a day, so as you can see the mountain in enormous.