Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BBC Reporter: 'I was put on trial by al-Qaeda' (in Bosnia)

The BBC's Allan Little reported on the Balkan wars of the 1990s, following at close range the fighting between Bosnian, Serb and Croat forces. But, one day in 1993, he came face to face with a different group, the "Bosnian mujahideen"......BBC

Further References: SkyNews Video on al-Qaeda Mujahadin in Bosnia and Complete 9/11 Timeline, al-Qaeda in the Balkans

AKI: Serbia, Thousands object to border controls in Kosovo

Kosovska Mitrovica, 10 Feb. (AKI) - Thousands of Kosovo Serbs protested in the northern city of Mitrovica on Tuesday against establishing border controls with Serbia and the formation of the Kosovo Security Force which may be the basis for a future Kosovo army. Up to 10,000 protesters carried Serbian flags and banners reading “No to KSF” and “We won’t give up Kosovo”.

Others carried the flags of Greece and Spain, the two European Union members which haven’t recognised Kosovo independence declared by majority ethnic Albanians a year ago.

A Kosovo Serb leader Radinka Nedeljkovic called on the international community to dissolve the Kosovo Police Service, saying it was an “anti-Serb formation” which “threatened regional stability”.

Nedeljkovic blamed the European Union police and judicial mission in Kosovo (EULEX) for siding with ethnic Albanians, though it was supposed to be neutral.

The mission, consisting of some 2,500 police, judges, prosecutors and customs officers, was deployed in Kosovo last December with Serbia’s consent on the condition that it remained neutral regarding Kosovo status.

But this month, the EULEX started controlling goods entering from Serbia at two northern border crossings at Brnjak and Jarinje and Nedeljkovic complained that EULEX judges were not applying Serbian, but Kosovo laws.

Belgrade is fighting a diplomatic battle to retain Kosovo within its borders. Nedeljkovic said that EULEX was in fact implementing an independence plan forged by former UN negotiator Martti Ahtisaari.

The plan was killed in the UN Security Council by a threat of a Russian veto, but 54 countries, including the United States and 22 EU members, have so far recognised Kosovo independence.

Most of the 100,000 Serbs remaining in Kosovo live in the northern area around Mitrovica. They object to being cut off from Serbia and last year they burned down border crossings and customs houses in Brnjak and Jarinje.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Documentary --"Myths for Profit": Canada's Role In Industries of War and Peace

Although this "Myths for Profit"documentary is about Canadians being brainwashed into believing myths about it's military involvements, the issues also directly apply to the US and most of the countries in Europe.

The film is a hard look at the differences between the propaganda we are being sold about "humanitarian interventions" and "peacekeeping and development", verses the reality of who is really getting rich off of our military and supposed democracy-building assistance.

A free, online 10 minute trailer for Myths for Profit is available here. and a pre-order of the entire film is also available on the site. I encourage a purchase of the film to fund screenings of the film in more cities and increase publicity for it.

If you live in Canada, there will be public screenings of "Myths for Profit" on the following dates and in the following cities:

3/11/2009 Toronto
3/12/2009 Kingston
3/13/2009 Kitchener
3/14/2009 Guelph
3/16/2009 London
3/17/2009 Hamilton
3/18/2009 Ottawa
3/19/2009 Ottawa University
3/20/2009 Peterborough
3/21/2009 Belleville
3/23/2009 Fredericton
3/24/2009 Saint Johns, New Brunswick
3/25/2009 Moncton
3/26/2009 Halifax
3/27/2009 St FX Antigonish
3/28/2009 wolfville Nova Scotia
3/29/2009 new richmond-qc
3/31/2009 North bay
4/1/2009 Sudbury
4/2/2009 Sault St. Marie
4/3/2009 Thunder Bay
4/4/2009 Kenora
4/5/2009 Winnipeg
4/6/2009 Brandon
4/7/2009 Regina
4/8/2009 Lethbridge
4/9/2009 Red Deer
4/10/2009 Edmonton
4/14/2009 Calgary
4/15/2009 Golden, bc
4/16/2009 Kimberly-East Kootenay
4/17/2009 Nelson
4/18/2009 Kelowna
4/19/2009 Vernon
3/20/2009 Salmon Arm
4/21/2009 Kamloops
4/22/2009 Abbotsford
4/23/2009 Maple Ridge
4/24/2009 Squamish
4/25/2009 Vanc/Burnaby/Coquitlam
4/26/2009 Surrey/White Rock.
early May Montreal

Precise locations for these screenings are to be posted on the Wide Open Exposure website as the dates approach.

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Trumpet: "The EU, Propaganda and Broadband"

February 4, 2009 | From

The European Union is on course to lead the world in the use of broadband technology to promote its imperialist message. By Ron Fraser

The power of mass media to shape minds is a power well proven. One only has to view presentations such as Media War—produced by a genuine seeker after truth, photojournalist Russel Gordon, revealing the powerfully deceitful media machine’s biased portraits of the Balkan wars resulting in the demonizing of the Serbs—to be appalled at the degree to which public opinion can be swayed by the mass media.

Joseph Goebbels was one who knew his trade well. During the Nazi era, Hitler’s minister for propaganda seized on the power of the new media technology of the day, radio, to peddle the Nazi message to the masses. Of the experience of living in a totalitarian state, subject to a continual barrage of state-controlled propaganda, journalist William Shirer observed, “[A] steady diet over the years of falsifications and distortions made a certain impression on one’s mind and often misled it. No one who has not lived for years in a totalitarian land can possibly conceive how difficult it is to escape the dread consequences of a regime’s calculated and incessant propaganda” (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich). The Trumpet

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Media War

This is an excellent 45 minute slide show of how propaganda works to affect public policy, and especially how it was used in the Balkans.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The National Interest: "Balkanizing Barack"

by Gordon N. Bardos

As if a collapsing economy and the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Gaza were not problematic enough, there is increasing recognition that President Obama will need to devote more U.S. attention to southeastern Europe. Yet in many ways, his greatest challenge there will not entail dealing with recalcitrant nationalists. Rather, it will involve rejecting official Washington’s essentially neoconservative understanding of the Balkans. This approach says that problems in the region can be reduced to a Manichean struggle between “good” and “bad” nationalisms, which can be dealt with by ignoring international institutions such as the UN, and encouraging unilateral American action and the application military force. For the past fifteen years, the neocon’s strategy for the Balkans has been tried and has clearly failed. President Obama needs a new framework for dealing with the region.....The National Interest