Saturday, May 30, 2009

U.S. Policy and Geopolitics of Jihad: The Green Corridor in the Balkans

by Srdja Trifkovic


The Green Transverse or “Green Corridor” (in Serbian/Croatian: Zelena transverzala) is a geopolitical concept that has been used in two distinct, albeit interconnected meanings:

1. To define the long-term goal of Islamist ideologues, both in the Balkans and in the wider Muslim world, to create a geographically contiguous chain of majority- Muslim or Muslim-dominated polities that will extend from Turkey in the southeast to the northwestern-most point of Bosnia (120 miles from Austria).

2. To denote the ongoing process of increasing ethno-religious self-assertiveness among major traditionally Muslim communities in the Balkans, this has had a fourfold effect:

(a) Expanding the geographic area of their demographic dominance;

(b) Establishing and/or expanding various entities under Muslim political control with actual or potential claim to sovereign statehood;

(c) Enhancing the dominant community’s Islamic character and identity within those entities, with the parallel decrease of presence and power of non-Muslim groups; and

(d) Prompting Muslim communities’ ambitions for ever bolder designs in the future, even at the risk of conflict with their non-Muslim neighbors. Giving some clarity to this concept is essential to a comprehensive understanding of the motives, actions, and emerging expectations of different actors in the Yugoslav wars in general and the ongoing Kosovo crisis in particular.......

Continued at Gates of Vienna: The Green Corridor in the Balkans


Anonymous said...

Hello friend,

Is Dr Trifkovic still writing online? I knew that he had taken a break. said...

Hi theogothic!

I really don't know. I really miss his Chronicles articles. I do know that he has been doing speaking engagements -- but not sure about publishing any new articles on the web.